15 Best Skyrim Stewards for Your Home

Stewards are companions you can use to protect your property if you own the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim.

Most stewards can also serve as regular companions in the game, so you can send them into battle.

However, once a steward is assigned to a domain, you can only get rid of him by assigning him to another domain or letting him die. So yes, it’s a pretty tight contract.

You need to make sure that you choose the right steward for your property because they will be the primary steward for as long as they live.

I’ve created this list of the best concierges for you to choose from, each with different pros and cons. Some of them are powerful warriors, while others are weaker but loyal servants. Choose the character that best fits your character’s story.

15. Durak

Durak is a powerful warrior and one of the best minions in the game.

He can become a steward if you want, and he also has one of the coolest backstories of any NPC minion in the game.

He joined the Twilight Watch (which you have to go to if you want to recruit him) to avenge the deaths of his last two wives, who were apparently killed by vampires.

He has an innate hatred of vampires (as you can imagine). So if you want a Lore-friendly game, you shouldn’t recruit Durak if your character wants to follow the footsteps of the night and become a vampire.

Either way, you can recruit Durak and use his archery skills whenever you want. He is also good with light armor.

14. Njada Stonearm

Njada Stonearm SkyrimNjada Stonearm Skyrim

Njada Stonearm can only be recruited as a Henchman or Steward. has You have completed the entire Companions questline.

So it’s worth noting that it’s not as easy to have them on your side as it is to get other companions.

She can also become your wife if you want, so there are plenty of possibilities here.

A few points about Njada: She’s not very good at fighting, but she has good defense and lock picking skills.

13. Adelaisa Vindicci

Adelaisa Vindicci in SkyrimAdelaisa Vindicci in Skyrim

Adelaisa Vindicci is, as you might guess from her name, an Imperial and a servant who can be assigned to you as a steward once you have progressed enough to meet her.

You will find her and her company near the outskirts of Windhelm.

Although she’s part of the Imperial Army, she’s strangely one of the weakest servants you can get – which makes her a much better steward!

Adelaisa is proficient in alchemy, enchanting, and blacksmithing, making her one of the best stewards if you’re more into those things.

12. Onmund

Onmund in SkyrimOnmund in Skyrim

Onmund is a mage and archer who wanders the halls of the College of Winterhold.

He is an important character and a marriage candidate, who you can marry when the sparks fly.

He primarily attacks with magic (including shock spells), but he can also use a bow and arrow to deal additional damage to your opponents. He can therefore be a good partner in combat as well as at home.

11. Ingjard

Ingjard in SkyrimIngjard in Skyrim

Ingjard is one of the most popular followers in the fandom thanks to his looks. But remember, she’s not open to marriage, so she’s just staying with you and taking care of the common stuff.

She is a powerful warrior who can take care of your farm as a guardian, or follow you and help you kill anything that gets in your way.

She uses her ability to fight with two-handed weapons to quickly kill any enemy, and thanks to her preference for heavy armor, she is not easily taken down.

10. Golddir

Golldir in SkyrimGolldir in Skyrim

Golldir is a typical tough guy who never got along with his father.

He prowls the tomb of his ancestors and you can help him eliminate a necromancer who has infiltrated the tomb. And if you choose to do so, he becomes a minion and supports you in battle when you need it.

You will find it outside Hillgrund grave where you can also find many treasures.

Not to mention that Golldir will happily become the steward of any property after becoming your henchman, so the journey is worth it. You could also recruit him to become a the blades.

9. Talvas Fahtryon

Talvas Fahtryon StewardTalvas Fahtryon Steward

Talvas is a merchant who primarily deals with spells, but he is also a potential minion and steward who can be recruited quite easily.

Talvas’ biggest drawback is that he is only a level 25 minion. But he can prove to be a very useful steward if you give him the chance to look after one of your properties.

8. Uthgerd The Unbroken

Uthgerd the Steadfast in SkyrimUthgerd the Steadfast in Skyrim

Uthgerd the Steadfast is a marriage candidate, a servant, And an admin who really shows how scary a woman can be.

She can be recruited by defeating her in a duel. She will challenge you to a duel with 100 coins in play if you encounter her.

She has good health and is a competent warrior as well as a natural wearer of heavy armor. Good defense, good health and a good physical damage dealer. Overall, Uthgerd is certainly worth a look.

Whether defending your property or fighting for your life, she’s a powerful follower you’ll be happy to have on your side, no matter your level.

7. Mjoll the lioness

Mjoll the lioness in SkyrimMjoll the lioness in Skyrim

Mjoll is a guardian of order who roams Tamriel, dealing with any enemies that might pose a threat to the common people of the realm.

She is a tough person and has a difficult personality, but her kind heart shows through from time to time.

You can marry her or keep her as a caretaker at one of your properties. I think it’s a personality that you like to have around you.

6. Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna Maryon SkyrimBrelyna Maryon Skyrim

You can help this strange magician with experience to win her over as a potential marriage candidate and successor.

She will use her spells mainly to defend herself, only resorting to her bow if she runs out of magicka in combat. This may make her a stronger acolyte than a steward, but she will still be able to retreat from combat and watch over your house if you wish to have someone else in your company.

If you would like to have a female wizard in your circle, talk to Brelyna immediately!

5. Iona

Iona Skyrim AdministratorIona Skyrim Administrator

Take Iona to one of your farms if you want her to take care of it permanently. Seems pretty easy to sell, right?

She seems to have all the qualities you would expect in a sitter, as she is quite strong and can take care of herself (and your home), and she is also very kind and friendly.

Iona is also very good at taking on her enemies, thanks to her one-handed weapons and her sense of defense, which allows her to stay alive longer.

The best thing about her is that she can also pose a great threat to enemies with ranged damage.

As you can see, most bowers tend to have a bow lying around that they use more often.

She is almost as good with a bow as she is with traditional one-handed weapons. So you know she will support you in battle, regardless of your opponent.

4. Aela the huntress

Aela The Guardian HunterAela The Guardian Hunter

Aela is quite an intimidating character and she is one of the few werewolves you can have as a follower in Skyrim.

This attractive but deadly character can also turn you into a werewolf if you wish, or you can marry her or keep her as your guardian.

She can also train you in archery if you wish, as she is a fairly skilled archer. This means that Aela can essentially train you from a beginner to a true archer, while protecting your home at the same time!

Additionally, she can help you sneak with her mastery of this skill. There’s no doubt that Aela is one of the best minions in the game, which also makes her a fantastic steward.

3. Lydia

Lydia in SkyrimLydia in Skyrim

Lydia knows what it’s like to take care of a family property.

She is a House Count who can be chosen to join the Blades, or as a marriage candidate, or even as a servant and steward.

She is an experienced warrior who can both take care of herself and keep you safe. This also means it can protect your home so you don’t have to worry when you’re out and about.

2. Jordis, the daughter of the sword

Jordis, the sword maiden in SkyrimJordis, the sword maiden in Skyrim

Jordis is not only capable of looking after your property, she is also responsible for selling the property. Proudspire Manor you should decide to buy it for the proud price of 25000.

She is an expert warrior and archer who wears heavy armor into battle. She’s also one of the best minions in the game, she’s fantastic at taking care of your house, and she’s even a marriage candidate.

I think her defensive skills make Jordis one of the most protective stewards you can get in the game, so she’s perfect for leaving at home while you take on quests and face fierce challenges in Skyrim .

1. Rayya

Rayya, the best administrator in SkyrimRayya, the best administrator in Skyrim

Rayya is a female Red Guard who is the toughest henchwoman and steward in the game in terms of appearance.

She loves to patrol your property and protect it from intruders or animals when you are not around.

You can also choose which weapons she uses if you give her something, but she also has two scimitars that she dual-wields if you want to leave her alone with her own weapons. This lady is not squeamish and she will defend your house like crazy.

The only problem is that it can sometimes disappear, but don’t panic! She is not dead. Look again The Jarl’s Longhouse because you will often find them there.