Baby Crib CC & Mods for The Sims 4 (all free to download)

There are few things more exciting for expectant parents than choosing a crib. In fact, it’s almost as important as choosing a name.

Cradles tend to stay in the family for a long time. If it is intended for the eldest child, it will most likely be passed down from one sibling to the next.

That means it will be in photos, it will be part of stories, and it will generally be ingrained in your children’s minds for years to come. It will be part of their childhood just like their first pet, their favorite toy and their best friends at school.

When choosing a crib for your virtual baby in The Sims, there’s obviously a lot less pressure.

And if you’re as meticulous as I am, you probably took as much time choosing your Sims crib as a real-life parent.

If you want newer options, here’s a set of CCs for your new family member!

10. Heart-shaped crib

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The heart is such an obvious symbol of love that even a newborn could probably recognize what it is.

So why wouldn’t it be the first thing your child Sim (Simfant? Does it exist?) sees?

Severinka’s Heart Nursery children’s beds are available with blue, red and green mattresses.

It also has leg cradles, making it much easier for your child to fall asleep.

The heart-shaped head and foot sections ensure that your little one is symbolically and literally surrounded by love.

9. Heyden Nursery

Children's beds in the nursery Heyden Sims 4 ModChildren's beds in the nursery Heyden Sims 4 Mod

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Are you trying to maintain a minimalist aesthetic, but your new baby is getting in the way?

CC Cribs from Michelleabstuff might be the perfect fit for your new nursery.

These sleek, minimalist camp beds fit aesthetically into any room, with just a pop of color to satisfy your little brat.

The legs of the bed are higher than most other beds, but luckily the panels are too, so you don’t have to worry about your baby falling into the grave.

Finally, the cribs come with a matching comfy chair so your Sim doesn’t have to stand over their baby all night like a creep.

8. Victoria Nursery Crib

Victoria Nursery Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod ScreenshotVictoria Nursery Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod Screenshot

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No matter how cool or artistic you are, you can’t deny the magical warmth of a healthy crib.

CC designer Severinka brings us another slice of children’s heaven with these Victoria Nursery crib designs.

With its calming floral and polka dot designs and ample crawling space, this is a bed your baby will want to lie in all day.

I can’t blame them, because if these beds were also available for adults, it would also be my favorite bed for ignoring my homework.

7. Hanging beds

Various hanging nativities Sims 4 Mod ScreenshotVarious hanging nativities Sims 4 Mod Screenshot

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Everyone knows that bedtime is the least exciting time of the day for a baby. But Fallstar1119 may have just changed that for your Sims.

With these hanging beds, your baby Sims will giggle until they fall asleep.

Honestly, at first glance they look like death traps. But luckily, baby Sims are made of pixels, not flesh and bones.

The panels come in a variety of eye-pleasing colors, and you can choose from a variety of patterns for the sheets (a sky filled with planes and a sea of ​​boats, to name a few) to stimulate your baby’s imagination.

But don’t take my word for it. Get this CC because, who knows, it might just be the bed that gets you started on virtual parenthood.

6. Nana Nursery Baby Crib

Nana Nursery Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod ScreenshotNana Nursery Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod Screenshot

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For those keeping score, this is the third time Severinka has appeared on this list. And for good reason.

Just like the Victoria Nursery crib, these are stylish beds with a no-frills design.

You can get it in pure white, pure brown, or white with brown accents.

Each variation includes the same gray mattress, showing how aesthetically pleasing neutral colors can be when used well.

5. Baby bed basket

Basket Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod ScreenshotBasket Baby Crib Sims 4 Mod Screenshot

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If you think about it, The Sims is basically a giant virtual dollhouse.

So why not go all the way with mysimlifefou camp beds?

These cribs are some of the most comfortable baby baskets you’ll ever see and sit on a wooden frame with a rocker.

Buy this bed and return to a simpler time when all you could do for WooHoos was rub naked Barbie and Ken dolls together.

4. Nursery Sweet Buddies

Baby Accessories Sweet Buddies Nursery Sims 4 ModBaby Accessories Sweet Buddies Nursery Sims 4 Mod

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Treat your baby sim to a fairytale sleep with this CC Sweet Buddies bed.

Despite its muted colors, this child’s bed seems straight out of an old fairy tale, with its images of small animals and a tree branch supporting a white veil.

Luckily, there are no poisoned apples or questionable fairy princes in this CC.

3. Boho baby bed

Boho Crib Sims 4 Mod ScreenshotBoho Crib Sims 4 Mod Screenshot

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This Boho CC crib is the best choice for your little hipster in training.

With its unique design and minimalist wooden lattice structure, you can easily confuse it with a sculpture in a modern art museum.

The colorful blanket thrown carelessly over the crib adds an extra touch of effortless freshness.

Before the extensive vinyl collection and handmade Cold Brew, your hipster kid definitely needs this.

2. Evalina nursery

Mother and Baby with Evalina Nursery Crib Sims 4 ModMother and Baby with Evalina Nursery Crib Sims 4 Mod

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Want your baby sim to experience the magic of camping without going outside?

Severinka once again offers us a child’s bed to die for with the Evalina childcare set!

In addition to the crib itself, this set also includes an indoor teepee and a double bed for your baby’s older siblings.

Perfect for sleepovers, this CC set is guaranteed to captivate your baby’s playmates for years to come.

1. Cot

Sleepi Crib Sims 4 ModSleepi Crib Sims 4 Mod

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Are your Sims struggling to be overprotective parents while still keeping everything #aesthetic?

Onyxium has the solution to your dilemma: the Sleepi bed.

Thanks to the mosquito net that covers the entire bed mattress, you can be sure that your baby is nowhere unsupervised and cannot fall off the edge.

You can run up to WooHoo, burn your partner in a fire, or use the Reaper by drowning in a swimming pool.

Either way, your baby will be safe in this bed.