Can you get an efficiency 5 villager?

Can you get an efficiency 5 villager?

Basically yes. You need to check what they are originally selling, then remove the music stand, install a new one and check again. From time to time, they will sell powerful stuff, like many Tier V enchantments.

How to obtain Efficiency V?

To get Efficiency V, you need to combine the enchantments from the books. If you combine two Efficiency IIIs you get an Efficiency IV, then adding it to the pickaxe with an anvil brings it to Efficiency V.

What is the highest level a villager can be raised to?

The villager is an apprentice who has a level higher than “Novice”. The villager is a companion who has a level higher than “apprentice”. Villager is an expert who has a higher level than “Journeyman”. The villager is a “master” at the highest level.

What is the maximum level in Minecraft?

The maximum experience level is 2,147,483,647 (231-1). The colors of the adventure balls are green or yellow. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the maximum level a player can reach is 24,791. However, reaching this level is impossible unless a player uses the /xp command.

What are all villager jobs?

A full list of construction site blocks and their corresponding villagers is below:

  • Gunsmith: blast furnace.
  • Butcher: smoker.
  • Cartographer: cartography table.
  • Cleric: Brewing stand.
  • Farmer: Composter.
  • Fischer: barrel.
  • Fletcher: enrichment table.
  • Leather processor: boiler.

How to assign villager work?

Tasks cannot be assigned manually, villagers find them automatically. To get a job, they must be unemployed, adults and not stupid. There must also be a bed available for them to sleep. To change a villager’s occupation, destroy the block to which they are assigned.

Why isn’t my villager increasing his business?

The main reason villagers may not be restocked in your game is because they don’t have task blocks to use. These blocks are necessary if you want your villagers to restock.

Do villagers need beds to work?

They don’t really need to sleep either, but they do need to think that they can sleep (again, being able to find their way to their bed, even if they can’t really sleep). ‘move there). There are only 20 beds in a glass box and a few carriageable tables.

Do villagers reappear?

Villagers will respawn with full normal health (20 hp). Villagers lose experience when they die (but never a level). Only in hard mode, villagers killed by zombies will turn into zombies instead of being revived at their bedside. Debug messages are disabled (no log spam).