Can you get the Arabian horse after Arthur’s death?

Can you get the Arabian horse after Arthur’s death?

No. You lose all the horses Arthur had at the end of chapter 6, even the ones in the stable. All of Arthur’s possessions (aside from food, furs and dead animals) are given to John so you can keep a bunch of gold and jewels with Arthur to sell under John’s name and buy the best horse.

Does the gold bug still work rdr2?

Malfunctions have been fixed, BUT some gold bars reappear after enough time. I got the gold bar in Limpany at the start of the game. If you get bored with the error, save and reload one last time so the loot is there if you decide to come back later.

Can you collect Arthur’s horses as John?

Do you keep horses in the stable after Arthur’s death?

Yes, all the horses are lost. All stables included. You will receive 20k after completing the epilogue. Just buy the Arabic black water.

How to get Arthur’s horse?

If you just don’t know where you left your horse, you can go to the pause menu and select your map. Then when you press PS4 and X on Xbox One you can bring up the index and the second icon below is Arthur’s Horse. Going down and selecting this icon will move your map to where your lost horse is.

What do you keep after Arthur’s death?

sell all the skins because all the skins that remain in his inventory when he dies are gone, the clothes remain, the saddles you unlocked remain, all the knives you picked up remain, even the masks when I Jump to the chapter, All of Arthur’s weapons have appeared, including rare ones, so don’t worry.

Can John Marston get the White Arab?

Every time you lose a horse from a set spawn point, it will respawn after about 3 game days. So yes you will find a White Arabian other than John Marston near Lake Isabella.

What race is Buell?

Dutch Warmblood

Can you stabilize Buell?

After Part 2, Buell was supposed to be hooked up outside of Hamish’s booth. Stand there and pet Buell like crazy until he bonds with you. You’re not allowed to ride it yet, so let it follow you to a stable, stable Buell. I saddled him and took him back to the stable.