Exactly how far does a 30-30 rifle shoot?

Exactly how far does a 30-30 rifle shoot?

Although it is very effective on deer and black bear sized game, the effective range of most commercial loads is limited to approximately 200 yards (183 m) for this purpose, except when ballistic tipped munitions are used.

Is a 30/30 good for home defense?

When it comes to ammo for that. 30-30, the cartridges you would use for hunting are perfect for home and self-defense. There are no “special” cartridges for this weapon. The theory is that if he drops a deer, bear or wild boar at 75 yards, he drops everything.

How strong is a 30/30 rifle?

Despite launching a fairly heavy 150 grain bullet, the 30-30 kicks a 7.5 pound rifle with only 11 fps of energy at a velocity of around 10 fps. You can compare that to 23 fps and 14 fps on a 30-06-150 grain load.

What is the difference between 06/30 and 30:30?

30-30 has a muzzle velocity of 2,390 fps, while the. 30-06 Springfield has over 2,900 fps. At 200 meters this is the case. 30-30 drops to 1,685 fps, while the Springfield jumps to 2,397 fps.

What type of bullets does a 30 30 use?

Modern. Factory 30/30 ammo typically holds 150, 160, and 170 grain cartridges at 2,400 to 2,200 fps. Federal has a 125 grain bullet at 2,570 fps and Remington builds a light managed recoil load that pushes a 125 grain soft point only 2,175 fps.

How far will a 30/30 bullet travel?

Accurate to 100 yards. After that you can shoot 150-200 yards unless you are sure of the bullets location. After this bullet drop and loss of energy, the shot is a waste of ammo. The bullet can travel 5 to 600 yards, but then gravity takes over.

What is the most powerful lever action rifle?

  • We talked earlier about how the lever-action rifle took over the West.
  • Considered by many to be the most revolutionary lever-action rifle in the Winchester family, the 1886 offers chamberings in the most powerful cartridges and is widely recognized as the most powerful lever-action rifle on the market.

What animals can you hunt with a 30-30?

30-30 is there when it comes to effectively killing white-tailed deer, wild boar and black bear; Those who love the mountains will appreciate the lightweight lever gun at the end of the day.

Can a 30/30 kill an elephant?

WD Bell thought the 7X57 was perfect for elephants. He killed 1,100 with one. Poachers take them quite often with the FMJ 223. With the right bullet, correctly placed, I’m sure a 30-30 will hit every animal on the planet at point blank range.

Can a 30/30 kill a moose?

A 30-30 kills a moose like any other rifle caliber kills a moose.

Why do they call it 30 30?

It was designed by Winchester and first released in early 1895 as one of the calibers available for the Model 1894. The original load used a 160 grain soft point bullet and 30 grains of smokeless powder. Hence the name 30-30 for 30 caliber bullet and 30 powder pellets.

Will a 6.5 Creedmoor kill a grizzly bear?

Well, there’s one caveat: When you’re in grizzly bear country, you need something more substantial. That Creedmoor loop would probably ricochet off a big bear, and if it didn’t, you wish it did. Turns out they’re just an eclectic group doing business with a clean kill.

Can a 7mm kill a moose?

magnums up to 7mm are excellent choices with 150-175 grain worms. You can see how a bull elk reacted to my Rem 7mm. The Springfield 30-06 has probably defeated as many North American moose (including my first two) as any other 30 caliber but the shorter 308 Win. will work fine too.

Can a 7mm Rem Mag kill a grizzly bear?

The 7MM Rem Mag will do anything you need to do with a grizzly bear. And then some. I know of an old car that killed several with one, another did the same thing with a 270 Winchester, and another older car killed even more with its open-top pre-64 Model 70 270 Winchester.

Will a 7mm magazine kill a moose?

Do you want the ideal elk cartridge? Look for something that will fire a heavy 7mm or larger projectile at around 3,000 fps. The best bullets are the 7mm 155 to 175 grainers and the. Caliber 30 180 to 200 grains.

What can a 7mm rifle kill?

It is also an excellent cartridge for hunting most species of African steppe game. Make no mistake, you can hunt absolutely huge species like moose or elk with the 7mm Rem Mag and hunters have cleanly killed countless of these animals with the venerable 7mm Mag over the years.

What is the best all-around caliber for deer and elk?

270 Winchester,. 270 Weatherby Magnum,. 280 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 7mm STW, 7mm Remington Ultra Mag. These are all excellent cartridges for mule deer, and they can certainly all do a good job on moose too.