How do I turn off the Blizzard broadcast bar?

How do I turn off the Blizzard broadcast bar?

Disable and re-enable your castbar (Unitframes > Player Frame > Castbar) and Blizzard’s default castbar will be disabled again.

How to disable the Blizzard target magic bar?

In the add-on’s + options, go to the “Target” options and uncheck “Hide Blizzard Cast Bars”.

How to move the classic castbar?

ClassicCastbars allows you to right-click on your portrait, then find an option at the bottom of the menu to paste the castbar to the player’s unit frame.

Can you move the WOW broadcast bar?

User information: frber. In fact, the bartender won’t let you move the castbar.

How to move the target casting bar?

Enter/unlock the quartz to move all casting bars to any location.

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Can you move the wow distribution bar?

If the streaming bar is visible, drag it to where you want to move it, then lock your images again and you’re good to go.

How to disable the broadcast bar in Elvui?

Enter / ec. Go to Unitframes > Player Frames, then you will see a clickable drop-down menu and an option for Castbar. Just turn it off.

How to combine weak auras?

You can just create a new > group in the weak auras and stack them all in there (you’ll probably have to move them all to where you want them once they’re in the group). You can then export the group and create a string that contains: each aura in this group.

How to remove weak auras?

Simply go to World of Warcraft WTF Account AccountName SavedVariables and search for files named WeakAuras and delete them.

Where are my weaknesses stored?

Your expansion settings will be saved in the WTF folder in your Warcraft installation directory. Secure it so you can go back if something breaks!