How old are Sans and Papyrus?

How old are Sans and Papyrus?

Without: 20-30. It’s a bit vague, but he’s old enough to call Frisk a child, so he can’t be 18 when Frisk is 13. He also has a scientific background and he needs time to become a scientist. We also know that he is Papyrus’ older brother.

Is he Papyrus San’s little brother?

Without or papyrus? A lot of comics have said that Sans is the older brother… It makes sense that Sans could be the older brother… But it makes just as much sense that Papyrus could be the older brother.

Did Sans raise papyrus?

When Sans grew a young papyrus, he coiled the papyrus in such a way that it remained innocent and childlike. However, Sans always seems to have a positive outlook on life.

Is Papyrus the younger brother?

While it is true that Undertale and Deltarune are two different worlds as Toby Fox stated, we actually have evidence that Papyrus is the younger brother of the Japanese localization of Undertale. Papyrus refers to sans as “兄ちゃん” or “Nii-chan” which is a term reserved by younger siblings for older brothers.

Does Sans like Toriel?

Toriel and Sans share a penchant for bad jokes and are friends, although they never see each other face to face until the epilogue, the Family ending, or the Exiled Queen ending.

Is Horror Sans dead?

Horror hates the new leader of the underground, Undyne or “Queen Undick” as he calls her. Sans also mentioned that Undyne would rather be dead. Undyne then extracts his “evil eye” and during the extraction, Sans’ skull shatters and bleeds. However, he is still alive and kills one of the guards who shot him.

What is Killer Sans afraid of?

Murderer! Sans is very thoughtful but generally not emotional, enjoys killing most of the time, hates being put down, and is generally a negative character.

Who is the older brother Papyrus or Sans?

It’s ultimately up to you. There are different words for older and younger brothers in Korean. In the Korean version, they use the word 동생 when talking about papyrus, which means younger brother, so it is implied that Sans is the older brother.

Who is older, Papyrus or Sans in Undertale?

In fact, Toby Fox tweeted that a Japanese version of Papyrus Sans would name “aniki,” which is a great way to address an older brother. And Papyrus’s username suggests he may have been born in the year 95, so for the story set in 201X, he’s probably between 15 and 24 years old. Sans is older, but I have no proof of his age.

How old are papyrus and sans in Game of Thrones?

They both alternate between being the older brother, so I don’t think age really makes a difference for them. PAPYRUS was born in 1982, Sans was born in 1994. Papyrus is older. Sans is crying again? Where is this information? can you justify how do you know? Hard to say. It probably doesn’t matter, probably.

Why didn’t Sans mention Gaster to Papyrus?

This makes sense because when Papyrus was little he had no memories of Gaster, but Sans Do, which makes most people think Sans was older so he remembered Papyrus being too young to remember Gaster. In the game, he references Gaster a few times, while Papyrus never mentions him.