How to maximize profits on Planet Coaster?

How to maximize profits on Planet Coaster?

Earn money with Planet Coaster

  • Admission fees. What better way to start the guide than with the price of admission.
  • Manage rates. Place decorations galore.
  • Listen to your guests. I just mentioned twice that you should listen to your guests, but I want to mention it again.
  • Manage your employees.
  • Choose a target audience.
  • Bonus tips.
  • Why is my park losing money on Planet Coaster?

    You get paid when drivers enter the line. If a trip is canceled you will lose all the money from the people waiting in line. So check if trips are canceled frequently.

    How to repay all loans on Planet Coaster?

    If your profits have increased and you want to repay a loan before it cripples you with its interest rates, return to the same window and simply click the “Repay Loan” button that appears next to each loan. Once you pay for it, you can click on it and wash your hands on it.

    How to get a planetary roller coaster with priority entry?

    Planet Coaster: How to Set Up the Priority Pass Queue

  • Information kiosk is required first.
  • Configure your journey the way you want.
  • Place your Priority Pass entry near the start of your entry path.
  • Place your Priority Pass exit near the end of your path.
  • Connect the PP input to the PP output with a street.
  • How do I get priority passes for Planet Coaster?

    The roller coaster of the planet

  • Create your queue as you normally would, but remember to leave room for the priority queue.
  • Click on the ride and enable “Priority Pass” in the ride’s “Operations” tab.
  • Place an entry for the priority queue (above the existing normal queue)
  • How many priority passes do you get per game?

    What is a Priority Pass? What you get by choosing the Flex option are Priority Passes, which award multiples for each game, with more wins – 6 for a win and 1 for a loss (compared to 2 for which the feature was launched) . You can currently store a maximum of 40 passes to use as you wish.

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