How to move a window in ElvUI?

How to move a window in ElvUI?

ElvUI does not allow you to drag the frame. There are no options in the ElvUI menu to move it. Talking head frame options can be found in the Skins section. If there is an anchor you can move it, otherwise this is not an option with ElvUI.

How to enlarge text in ElvUI?

In ElvUI there is no way to customize the font size. Shadow and Light (an edition of ElvUI) has this option, it also has many more options. Check if you want these features.

How to change font size in ElvUI chat?

If you’re talking about chat windows, right-click on the window and adjust the size. Speaking of tooltips, there is a text font size slider in ElvUI’s main menu below the tooltip area.

How to disable chat bubbles on ElvUI?

How to disable ElvUI chat bubbles [Accepted Answer] /ec -> General -> BlizzUI Improvements -> Chat bubble style. You need to set it to “Disable” and then reload.

How do I export my profile from ElvUI?

Start by going to the “Profiles” section of the ElvUI configuration, then click the “Export Profile” button or the “Import Profile” button depending on what you want to do. By default, the export framework is configured to share your profile in text format.

How do I import my profile into ElvUI?

Step 3: Import Elvui profile

  • Open the game’s Elvui menu by typing /ec.
  • Go to Profiles.
  • Click Import Profile.
  • Paste the export string into the box (make sure there are no extra spaces at the end of the code or you will get an error message) and click Import Now.
  • How to use ElvUI?

    Configuring ElvUI can be accessed from the main menu (in-game, press Esc -> press ElvUI key) or by typing /ec in chat. You now have an 8-step setup process. Don’t skip it if you haven’t already set up ElvUI on another toon.

    How to move spells in ElvUI?

    Press Shift to move the buttons. If you have ElvUI, you will no longer find the “Key Down” option in Blizzard Options.

    How to perform a keyboard shortcut with ElvUI?

    In Elvui’s options, switch to keyboard shortcut mode (click on the action bar menu and it’s somewhere at the top). Then you just hover over the button, click on your keyboard and it will bind.

    How to get rid of the good cat on ElvUI?

    Open the Elvui options, go to the Chat tab, scroll down a bit until you see “Panels”. Next, find a drop-down menu called “Panel Backdrop” and edit it as desired.

    How to remove the black bar at the bottom of ElvUI?

    It’s ElvUI. Type /ec to bring up the ElvUI options, go to General on the left (if it’s not already selected), then uncheck the “Bottom Panel” / “Top Panel” options on the right.

    How to change size in ElvUI?

    There is no way to resize Blizzard elements in ElvUI.

    How to enlarge action bars on ElvUI?

    The options become visible when you expand the action bar options and select the bar you want to modify. /ec > action bars > bar1/2/3/4 (depending on what you want to change > button size.