How to set a default role in Discord?

How to set a default role in Discord?

Log in to your Discord server as you normally would. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of the server and choose Server Settings. Select roles from the left menu and select the small ‘+’ above @each in the middle. Give the new role a meaningful name and color.

How to define roles in Yagpdb?

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  • Simply give the role command a name, then choose the role you want the bot to assign to the person.
  • Role Demand: Requires a person to have a specific role so that they can give themselves that role.
  • How to get MEE6 to assign roles?

    Configure MEE6 React Roles to Assign Discord Roles Yourself

  • Log in with your Discord account.
  • Authorize the MEE6 bot to access your account.
  • Select the Discord server you want to add the MEE6 bot to.
  • Click Plugins, then Response Roles.
  • Click Yes to activate the plugin.
  • Does MEE6 need an administrator?

    Mee6 is represented on more than 1.7 million servers. I don’t understand why you don’t trust him. Each bot you want to invite must have administrative powers (at least moderation bots). Anyone who does not have administrator rights can do anything other than delete a server.

    How to reactivate a bot?

    The basic commands are:

  • [mute|m] to mute all members currently connected to your voice chat.
  • [unmute|um|u] to reactivate all members currently connected to your voice chat.
  • [status|ping|info|p] to get the latest information about the bot.
  • [help] (Command) for help.
  • Why is groovy numb?

    The reason the Groovy server is deaf itself is to prevent it from receiving your audio. This significantly reduces Groovy’s bandwidth usage (since we don’t receive what you say over a voice channel) as well as Discord’s bandwidth usage (since they don’t have to send it ).

    Why is groovy sound bad?

    Sometimes Groovy’s sound may fade out for a short time, or it may sound delayed/glitchy/distorted. In the vast majority of cases, this is caused by Discord’s language servers. The easiest way to fix this is to change your voice server region to another and then change it back.