Is it easier to play Rocket League with a controller or a keyboard?

Is it easier to play Rocket League with a controller or a keyboard?

There is no doubt about it. Throughout Rocket League, the majority of players preferred to play with a controller. For experienced gamers, playing with a controller on a keyboard/mouse is something of an unwritten rule.

Do PC Rocket League players use controllers?

Rocket League was clearly designed to be played with analog sticks. However, Rocket League launched on PC at the same time as PS4, and the competitive community lives on PC, but almost every professional still uses a controller.

Is a controller better than a keyboard and mouse in Rocket League?

Both have advantages. The advantage of a controller is that it has an analog stick to control instead of 8 directions and is able to accelerate and reverse with triggers instead of 0-100 on a keyboard. I was a kbm player, a good player (gold 4 div. 300 hours).

Do we need a mouse to play Rocket League?

Both cameras are locked unless you use the camera buttons which aren’t important at all. Simply rebind and jump and you can move the mouse to where you will place your right hand.

Should I buy the Razer Huntsman TE?

The Razer Huntsman TE is decent for programming. It is very easy to type and does not fatigue. The build quality of the keyboard is excellent, but some keys click a bit.

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What is the best gaming keyboard 60%?

Compare specsBest keyboards at 60%

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How long is a 60% keyboard?

about 11.5 inches