Is Major Gilbert really dead purple Evergarden?

Is Major Gilbert really dead purple Evergarden?

Unfortunately, Major Gilbert does not directly appear in the final episode as he was likely killed in action. However, in the end, a mysterious customer emerges and many anime fans believe it might be Gilbert based on how Violet reacted.

Does Gilbert love Violet?

Several people Violet has met have concluded that Violet is in love with Gilbert because of his great devotion, care, and love. After their reunion, Gilbert is still very much in love with Violet, and she has also understood the term “love” and her feelings towards him a little better.

Does Violet finally meet Gilbert?

Phew. TLDR: The film confirms that it’s not Gilbert she meets in the end scene of the series. Either it was originally supposed to be him but they changed the story before the movie, or it’s someone else she met on her travels.

Will Violet see Gilbert again?

As previously mentioned, he disappears from the series and is never really seen again. Some fans feel like the last shot of the final episode suggests he’s still alive, but that doesn’t confirm anything.

Isabella in love with Violet?

Yes, and even the Lightnovel says that Isabella has a crush on Violet.

Who does the violet end up with?

Pete follows her and wordlessly persuades her to take a leap of faith and the two eventually marry. Violet later discovers that she is being pursued by ex-patient Katie Kent and her license is revoked in the season four finale.

Does Violet Evergarden have a happy ending?

The series has some very sad and heartbreaking moments, but the ending is hopeful and even joyful, where the main character’s emotional arc ends and the entire cast looks to the future. If you look at it from Violet’s perspective, I’d still say sorry, but it’s worth it.

Is Violet Evergarden based on a true story?

A lot of people thought that the main heroine was going to be a robot because the teasers came out, but that’s not entirely true at the moment. Violet Evergarden is a story based on Violet Evergarden, a female soldier who is now living life after the war.

Did Evergarden stop purple?

The show ends with the signing of a peace treaty between the conflicting states and in honor of this event, the postal service decides to hold an air show in which a plane delivers letters across the country. And here, Violet finally expresses her true feelings for Gilbert in a letter.

Will there be a Violet Evergarden season 2?

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, it was postponed again. The latest Violet Evergarden movie was released on September 18, 2020…. Violet Evergarden: Light Novel Versus Anime and Movies.

Animated Movie Release Date (2020) September 18, 2020 Season 2 Not Scheduled

Why is Violet Evergarden a weapon?

Violet was a child soldier, probably raised in a camp. And the major’s brother met her and captured her or bought her and gave her to his brother to help him. It is therefore a tool of war because it was raised for war and had no other purpose.

Were Violet and the Major in love?

Gilbert truly loves Violet, but his love comes from a sense of duty to protect her, which are qualities of an older brother or father. He doesn’t love her as a wife, but as an older brother. Violet looks at Gilbert, she knows she is close to him and can trust him.

Is Violet human?

Violet is a human girl. In the first episode of the first season, she starts in the hospital. If it were a robot, it would most likely just be remodeled. Violet is human, it’s not obvious at first, but when her emotions are explored later it becomes even more obvious.

Should I watch the Violet Evergarden movie first?

There are two “Violet Evergarden” movies. The first is the currently available story and a side story that takes place during the time period of the Violet Evergarden Gaiden series. It would also be pointless to watch without having seen the series first.

When should I see the Violet Evergarden special?

Watch the series first, then the side story and (if it comes out) the other movie. It would be really confusing to watch the upcoming movie first since it is an official prequel to the main series.

How old is Major Gilbert in Violet Evergarden?

Gilbert is 29 and VIolet is 14, giving them an age difference of 15 years.

How old should Violet Evergarden be?


Is Violet Evergarden a romance?

Violet Evergarden is a romance anime that follows the story of the main character who was used as a “tool” for her martial arts during a war in the fantasy industrial era.

What is the age difference between Violet and Gilbert?

Does Major Gilbert live in the film?

The TV series ended when she realized the importance of love and heartbreak, but even in the end she maintained her hope that Gilbert was alive. In this film, their feelings are finally closed. I guess I don’t have to beat around the bush now, but yes, Gilbert is coming back.

What did Violet Evergarden finally see?

Eventually Violet made peace with Gilbert’s death, but still hoped to see him again, as he said in his last letter: “Many seasons have passed, but I still await your return”, “I still believe that you are “still alive somewhere out there”.

Will Léon and Violet see each other again?

There is a scene in which Leon tells Violet that they will see each other again one day. Years later they meet again and Léon grows a lot on both sides.

Is Léon in love with Violet?

Before Violet leaves, Leon gathers his courage and confesses his feelings to Violet. When they meet again, Leon realizes that he is still in love with Violet and that his feelings for her are not letting up, but he decides to put this fact aside and asks her to go see the stars with him at the place.

How did Olivia die in Purple Evergarden?

From then on it was a bit quiet and Oscar saw Olivia smile for the first time in a long time. They spent the last days of Olivia’s life in sweet harmony in their home. Olivia died of a coughing fit.

Who has a crush on Violet Evergarden?


Is this Violet Benedict’s sister?

Violet Evergarden – Violet is a friend of Benedict. Benedict also likes to interfere in her affairs and calls her “Vi”. There’s a good chance that Violet is Benedict’s long-lost younger sister. Both have no memory of their past and have a confusing history with the First World War.