Should you cut your arm in Walking Dead?

Should you cut your arm in Walking Dead?

Another answer. No, this won’t bother Lee in any way. He gets sick anyway and at the end of the chapter you ask Clementine to shoot you or leave you to your own death. So no, it doesn’t change anything.

Could you save Sarah on The Walking Dead?

Sarah falls and finds herself trapped under the rubble. If asked to save Sarah, Jane will try to convince Clementine that Sarah is beyond saving and will tell the girl to help raise her. She will be devoured by stray animals – attracted by Rebecca’s cry – whether you choose to save her or Jane.

Was Sarah from Walking Dead autistic?

It’s possible that Sarah was never autistic. There was no way Carlos could completely protect Sarah from everything that happened when the poop first hit the fan, but he still managed to keep Sarah in a bubble the entire time.

Does Clementine die?

It turns out that Clementine didn’t die at the end of TWD. AJ cut off his injured and bitten leg, then (apparently) cauterized the wound to stop it from bleeding. AJ managed to get her back to boarding school (mostly) in one piece, leaving our series protagonist disabled but still very much alive.

What’s wrong with Sarah on The Walking Dead?

There is a theory that she suffered from PTSD, probably because she saw everyone important around her die. It could also be an anxiety disorder, she had a panic attack after her father and Rebecca went to pick up Luke and Alvin. On the other hand, PTSD and anxiety can be closely linked in some cases.

Does Sarah definitely die?

Oddly enough, right after the point where they die, the party gets the chance to rest for a few days.

Was Wendell scared to death of the undead?

He is alive, but like everyone else, he remains quite expendable. Watch Fear the Walking Dead Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

How old is Clementine in the final season of Walking Dead?

Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Clementine Family Ed (father) Diana (mother) Lee Everett (guardian) Alvin Jr. (adopted son) Ages 8–9 (season 1) 11 (season 2) 13 (a new frontier) 16–17 (the final season)

Are Clementine’s parents dead?

Lee is aware that both of Clementine’s parents are deceased and he can choose during the game whether or not to tell the girl this.

Will The Walking Dead ever end?

Last fall, AMC made the shocking announcement that The Walking Dead was coming to an end after its eleventh season. The final 24 episodes are now in production and the network plans to air them between late 2021 and 2022.

Is Carver AJ’s father?

Alvin Jr., nicknamed AJ, Alvie or Goofball, is the deuteragonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. He first appears in season two, returns with flashbacks in season three, and later appears as a deuteragonist and playable character in season four. He is the son of Rebecca and possibly Alvin or Carver.

Is this Clémentine AJ’s mother?

Kenny sees AJ as another chance at fatherhood. 2 He admits he didn’t raise his late son the way he should have and vows not to make the same mistakes raising AJ. However, after Kenny’s death later in the episode, Clem becomes AJ’s only parent.

Is this AJ Alvin’s baby?

Alvin Jr., nicknamed AJ or Alvie, is the baby of Rebecca and possibly William Carver or Alvin who appears in The Walking Dead: Season 2.

Does Alvin always die?

After being taken hostage, Nick worries about Alvin when he is dragged by Carver to force Kenny to surrender and is saddened and angry when he is executed. Alternatively, if Alvin survives, he dies at the hands of Carver’s henchmen.

What happens when you go to Carver?

During the shooting, Kenny hits Carver in the shoulder, but not fatally. Carver then gets up and kills Alvin. Carver will then threaten to kill Sarita, at which point Kenny will surrender. If they surrender immediately, Alvin will be spared.

Is clementine mixed?

She is mixed race and is more white or possibly Asian than black. If you are not blind, you will see it immediately. Oh no, Clementine is black, she just bleaches her skin (like Michael Jackson) to make it very, very light.

Is AJ dead on The Walking Dead?

If you want to enjoy the game without spoilers, we advise you to turn around now. At the end of The Walking Dead: Season 2, whatever your choices, Clementine will take care of baby AJ. Unfortunately, she was shot while trying to escape, forcing Clementine to take AJ to safety.

Can clementines kill Lilly?

Lilly can be killed depending on Clementine’s actions and choices. These deaths are considered non-canonical and result in a game over. Clementine will then reappear and can try again.

Why did the dog attack Clementine?

Sam will attack Clementine after she refuses to feed him/removes the box. After biting his arm, Clementine is able to hit him with the can or stab him with a knife and kick Sam into tent spikes, immobilizing the dog.

Can you stop Omid from dying?

So there is no way to save Omid, every question you choose will kill him?

Who kills Omid?

He automatically realizes what is happening and tries to sneak up on Michelle to take her gun. As the door closes behind him, Michelle hears the sound and responds by fatally shooting him in the chest. Omid falls to the ground and dies as Christa rushes away.

Will Omid hurt his leg no matter what?

6: If you pushed Omid you would have been blamed for his injury so I rewind and dump him myself XD and yes he always gets hurt no matter what you do.

Should I save Omid or Christa?

Don’t worry, both will be saved. For the stats at the end, it only counts if you saved Omid or did something else. If you want to help Omid, look to the right and pull him up (Grave: Omid). If you want to help Christa, look to the left and shoot her too (grave: Christa).

Does Christa hate Clementine?

Christa absolutely hated Clementine’s guts and wanted her dead. She abused her psychologically and that’s why Clementine never talks about her.

Will Clementine find Christa and Omid?

Clementine found Victor at the end of the episode and demanded that he tell her where Christa is, but he was unable to respond because he was injured and dehydrated, leaving Christa’s fate uncertain. If she survived, she and Clementine would never get back together.