What are all the wonders of Merge Dragons?

What are all the wonders of Merge Dragons?

  • Introduction.
  • Miracle #1: Remains of the Dragon God (Dragon Trees)
  • Wonder #2: rainbow (flowers of life)
  • Miracle #3: Entangled Virtue (Grass)
  • Wonder #4: Fountain of Youth (hill)
  • Miracle #5: Stonehenge (Living Stones)
  • Wonder #6: Ocean in a bottle (water)
  • Wonder #7: Trinity Dome (prismatic flowers)

What is a blessing in Merge Dragons?

Blessings last between 10 and 30 minutes and give additional point value for certain fusion actions such as “merge 3 fruits”, “merge all seeds”, or “merge any 5 trees”. During the blessing, floating objects such as life balls, leaves or seeds can help you complete the task.

How many life spheres do dragons merge?

The levels of the orbs in parentheses share a pattern: (levels 2 and 3), (levels 4 and 5), (levels 6 and 7), and (levels 8 and 9). At least 4895 Life Essences are required to obtain a single Celestial Plane 9 Life Sphere. This is true if you use both 5 and 3 at the same time.

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How to get a ghost rose in Merge Dragons?

Spirit Rose is available in the camp to those who purchased or won magnificent artifacts from events, but their sole purpose is as decoration.

How to get glowing crumbs to fuse dragons?

This is how you win

  • Harvesting Funky Blue Cheese.
  • Collect magnificent level 1-3 artifacts from the warehouse.
  • Buy as a level reward for 5 dragon jewels (eg from Spell Shore 8).
  • What does the Spectral Rosebush do in Merge Dragons?

    Spectral Rose Bush is a type of Spirit Rose. Spectral Rose Bush is often used as a cloud key in levels and events. In the camp, it only has a decorative purpose.

    What are the mystical cloud keys in Merge Dragons?

    During Merge Dragons events, you will have Mystic Clouds that you can unlock to discover more items in new lands so you can master the event. Sometimes there are life balls, point items, coins and other useful items!

    Can you merge the celestial sphere of life?

    The celestial life sphere is a kind of healing object. It can no longer be merged.

    Can you merge miracles in Merge Dragons?

    The world of dragons has wonders which are the supreme object of certain fusion chains. You can be exploited for many goodies. None of them can be fused further (except Lilac Unicorn Topiary) and give additional rewards every X hours actively played in the camp.

    What is amber used for in Merge Dragons?

    Amber is a type of fused item. It can be merged into magic coins – silver (common), dragon egg chest (wise dragon variant), or noble chests (rare).

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    How to make the Midas tree merge dragons?

    Midas Trees can be fused from golden seeds that sometimes appear near water. From level 2 they can be harvested for golden apples and also farmed for that. These seeds are said to be living gold… Bud of gold leaves!