What are Boom Beach crystals used for?

What are Boom Beach crystals used for?

Raw crystals can be used to use a tribe’s boost, improve the power of the boost, or upgrade a tribe.

What does a sculptor do at Boom Beach?

General informations. The sculptor is used to create special statues. There are 4 types of statues: life, ice, magma and darkness. Statues provide bonuses for various aspects of the game, such as: increasing building health, increasing troop damage, and increasing resource production.

Can you destroy statues at Boom Beach?

Statues cannot be damaged or destroyed during an attack under any circumstances. Troops can pass it without any effect.

How to get more powder at Boom Beach?

As soon as you press the “Boost” button, the countdown begins. Power Powder is a consumable item, meaning that once you use one, you will not get it back. Power Powder can be obtained by saving a Masterpiece or upgrading your Sculptor.

Can grenadiers outrun cannons?

Scorcher Update: Grenadiers now have even more range. If they don’t team up, they are now better than the cannons. To be precise, the first G’s will line up so the cannon can’t shoot them, but if there are more than 3-4 in front of the same cannon, one of them will surely be in range.

How are Power Stones used at Boom Beach?

There are 3 types of power stones (fragments, shards and crystals) and 3 ways to obtain them in the game (as a reward for successful attacks, as a daily reward and with the help of submarines). If there are enough power stones to create the statue, we will see “Create” above the sculptor’s building.

What is a Magma statue doing at Boom Beach?

Magma Statues strengthen your troops by increasing their health points or increasing their damage. Dark Statues can increase the chance of obtaining Power Stones, initial gunship energy, and resource rewards from raids. Statues with the same effect can be stacked. This stacking is additive and not multiplicative.

Where can you get raw crystals in Boom Beach?

If you tap on a tribe that is not willing to help you, the unexplored regions needed to unlock the tribe will flash red. Raw Crystals can be mined at the Raw Crystal Mine, located next to your home base in the Archipelago. There you can exchange the four basic resources – gold, wood, stone and iron – for raw crystals.

Where can you get a magma power stone?

Magma Power Stones are used to create statues that increase troop damage and health. Magma Power Stones can be used from enemy player bases, NPC-controlled bases, and the Lieutenant. The Hammerman bases, which are located on volcanic islands.