What are the best controls for War Thunder?

What are the best controls for War Thunder?

Remove all “Shot Small Bore / Large Bore / Additional / Machine Gun” and “Drop / Fire Bomb / Rocket / Rocket” buttons. “Fire primary weapons” on your normal click, “Secondary fire” on a side mouse button if you have it, or the space bar if not.

What are the War Thunder ps4 controls?

R2 walks on the gas.

  • L2 throttle down.
  • Right rudder R1.
  • L1 to the left of the rudder.
  • Left Stick – controls the plane.
  • Thumb stick R – clear view.
  • X guns.
  • Square switch missiles could be anything.
  • Is war thunder good for controllers?

    A single War Thunder controller can be used for ground vehicles, ships, jets, helicopters, as well as all future types of military hardware. The new controller provides access to all functions of more than 1,500 vehicle types and allows you to fine-tune War Thunder’s game settings.

    How to play War Thunder with a controller?

    Joystick setup

  • Go to the Controls tab.
  • Complete the Control Setup Wizard.
  • Choose your device type.
  • Then select your joystick model. If your joystick model does not exist, you will need to manually adjust the control settings. Additionally, we do not guarantee that the game will fully support a joystick that is not listed.
  • How to control tanks in the thunder of war?

    War Thunder (Tank) is a multiplayer vehicular combat video game….

    Hotkey function D or ← or A or → This hotkey helps with tank control E Used to transfer fuel / cruise control up Q This button helps stop tank transfer / speed control

    How to activate stunt smoke in War Thunder?

    To select stunt smoke, go to Settings → Air Combat Settings → Stunt Smoke Type. New Year Aerobatic Smoke will be available in one of the next updates for online combat.

    How to play War Thunder with a controller?

    Can War Thunder play on Xbox 360?

    War Thunder reflects a real-world war, in which nations launched joint military operations. Prior to War Thunder, we released several award-winning aviation titles, Il-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Apache Air Assault and Birds of Steel, all available on Xbox 360.

    Can you use hotas in War Thunder?

    The setup was fantastic for PS3 games. However, when trying to use the Hotas X on the PS4 and play War Thunder, it required a lot of settings adjustments. Those who played Birds of Steel on PS3 with the Hotas X will feel right at home with the standard layout for arcade and realistic battles.

    What are the mouse and keyboard controls for War Thunder?

    Go to Control Options and select Mouse & Keyboard W = tilt nose down (invert y-axis to disable) Left Shift key = increase throttle to WEP X = select / next target…

    What controls do you need in War Thunder?

    The keyboard and mouse can be very effective when piloting a bomber or storm chaser. But a device with a stick offers an aerial advantage. Gamepads (Xbox 360 for Windows, for example) are like cheap joysticks (which also require a mouse and keyboard).

    When should you use airbreak in War Thunder?

    Airbreak is used for dive bombs with dive bombers. Note that not all dive bombers have an air break, and fighters etc. do. don’t have any at all. If you want to slow down your fighter in addition to choking, you can use this [ and ] to change flaps (note that many reserve aircraft do not have flaps):

    What type of MMO is War Thunder?

    War Thunder is an MMO combat game dedicated to military aviation, armored vehicles and fleets of World War II.

    How does the controller work in War Thunder?

    In the two most popular modes, Arcade and Realistic Battles, the control of the aircraft with keyboard and mouse is implemented as close as possible to the mechanics of shooters, but if the player wishes, he has the opportunity to switch to control by joystick at any time. time, which is more for a flight simulator is known.

    Is there a guide for planes in War Thunder?

    The guide for all Warthunder aircraft, from 1.0 Battle Rating biplanes to 9.0 jets and covers all nations. Remember, this is a very, very good guide. This guide is constantly updated to cover ALL aircraft in War Thunder. This article has been added to your favorites.

    How does the instructor work in War Thunder?

    First of all, a special control mode was introduced – steering mode. In this mode, direct control of the aircraft along its three independent axes is replaced by setting the desired flight direction using a special algorithm called Mouse Aiming or MA.

    Do you have to manually control the propeller in War Thunder?

    However, some aircraft require different adjustments. Not all aircraft in War Thunder have the ability to manually control propeller pitch. Some have an automatic constant speed system that can be switched to manual mode, while others have a fixed incline.

    How do you use MEC in War Thunder?

    You need to access the control options menu in War Thunder. Then find the “Full Actual Control” tab, click on it and go to the “Motor Control” submenu. Assign a button to “Motor Control Mode” – this allows you to turn MEC on and off during gameplay.

    Can you play War Thunder with a controller?

    Gaijin Entertainment announces the start of production of War Thunder Controller – the single device compatible with all major gaming platforms. Players can simply jump from one vehicle to another using the War Thunder controller.

    How do I start my engine in War Thunder?

    To start or stop an engine, the standard key is “I” and is available in all aircraft, regardless of MEC settings.

    Is the War Thunder controller real?

    The War Thunder controller is based on requests from users of our official forum as well as fans of the War Thunder Subreddit as well as the experienced and hard-earned team of Gaijin UI developers.

    Are American tanks good War Thunder?

    They are one of the best balanced tanks in the game in terms of stats, tied with the Germans. Their guns are pretty good, with good shell range, decent penetration and damage after penetration, and good accuracy.

    What is the fastest plane in the thunder of war?

    Lightning F.6 Thanks to its twin afterburner turbofans, which generate an incredible 72.8 kN of thrust when the afterburner is on, the Lightning F.6 reaches a top speed of Mach 2.1 (1,556 mph / 2,505 km/h) at an altitude of 39,300 feet (12,000 m), making it one of the fastest machines in War Thunder!

    How to fly a VTOL in War Thunder?

    To achieve VTOL, the nozzles are angled downward, directing all engines downward. A unique feature of this system is the ability to direct the nozzles to any angle of your choosing at any speed.

    Can you use hotas in War Thunder?

    War Thunder is a lemon party come to life. I had a HOTAS for Elite: Dangerous and was disappointed with the experience. The HOTAS worked well on its own, but I still had to go to the keyboard for a lot of things. As someone who never played a ton of keyboard games before getting a Vive, this was tough.

    Is War Thunder really free?

    War Thunder is the most comprehensive free military MMO game dedicated to aviation, armored vehicles and warships of World War II and the Cold War.

    How do you control individual engines in War Thunder?

    r/Warthunder change the control type to Realistic Controls, then go to Engine Controls and set which buttons you want to enable/disable for an engine when setting it up.

    Can I use a joystick in War Thunder?

    The problem is not with the joystick, but with the game. War Thunder is one of, if not the only dogfight game that allows players to use a mouse very effectively. The problem is that the joysticks don’t work as well as they should, and that’s been a problem with the game since its introduction.