What does SGI enable WiFi?

What does SGI enable WiFi?

Short Guide Intervals (SGI) – Part of the 802.11n specification. The “guard interval” is typically 800 ns and represents the time interval between symbols to avoid intersymbol interference (ISI). Enabling SGI can increase wireless data transfer rate by 11% by reducing idle time in low-noise environments.

What is the AP isolation on the router?

AP isolation is a feature of wireless routers that allows you to create a separate virtual network for each wireless client connected to a network name or SSID. When this feature is enabled, all wireless devices on the network cannot communicate with each other, preventing unwanted hacking.

What is isolation in router?

Wireless isolation, sometimes called client or AP isolation, is a setting on a wireless router. When this setting is enabled, a device connected wirelessly to the network cannot access resources connected to the network through a wired connection.

What does AP mean in WLAN?

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN, usually in an office or large building. An access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub via an Ethernet cable and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a specific area.

What is currently slowing down the AP that is not using the Internet connection?

Simply put, your device thinks the hotspot is not working. Since the phone cannot access the Internet, it is simply assumed that the device making the connection has failed.

What does no AP found mean?

Description: When attempting to sync, the handheld displays a message “Connection failed, no access points found”, where AP stands for access point. This means that your handheld will not be able to connect to wireless Internet connections in that area to which it has been successfully connected in the past.

Why does it say the IP address could not be obtained?

The “Unable to obtain IP address” error usually appears when you try to access a Wi-Fi network, whether it is a new network or one stored on your device. This error message means that the router cannot assign an IP address to your device. As long as the problem persists, the user will not be able to access the Internet through this Wi-Fi network.