What does the term Ops mean?

What does the term Ops mean?

Definition. OPS adds on-base percentage and slugging percentage to get a number that unites the two. It’s supposed to combine how well a hitter can reach base, how hard he can hit for average and for force. It can also be used to evaluate pitchers; when used in this context it is called OPS versus.

What is the acronym for Black Ops?

COD: BO. (redirected from Call of Duty: Black Ops) acronym. Definition. COD: BO.

What does OP video mean?

Overpowered In Internet forums and message boards, OP stands for original poster or the person who started the thread that users are commenting on. In video games, anime, and sports, OP is an abbreviation for overpowered and describes an indomitable character or player.

Why do rappers say OPS?

“Opps” means opposition or enemies. Opps is the abbreviation for opposition. The term and slang “Opps” has been used by G Herbo, Chief Keef, 21 Savage, Vince Staples, Meek Mill, 6ix9ine, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby and many other rappers.

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What does Opps mean in Snapchat?

“Opposition” or “enemies” are the most common definitions for OPPS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find more information about OPPS here. OPPS. Definition: opposition or enemies.

What does Black Op mean?

Name. Often covert operations. a covert mission or campaign carried out by a military, governmental, or other organization in which the organization generally withholds or denies its involvement: Some national intelligence agencies use covert operations to undermine enemy governments.

What does op mean on TikTok?

“Original poster” is the most common definition for OP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. OP. Definition: original poster.

What is an operation in rap?

What is op in street slang?

The first definition of OP in the Urban Dictionary dates from 2003. It says it means “Original Poster”. Nowadays, it is a common term on various websites that use a message board format such as Reddit.

What does OPP mean in street slang?

Opposition OPP is not an acronym, but it is widely used. It can also mean opposition or enemy and is often used in street and gang culture. Related words: thug life.

What is op slang used for?

On social media sites, OP usually means “original poster” or “original post.” The person who posts a post that others are now responding to, or that first post itself, is the OP. So when someone says OP in this context, they are referring to the person who posted the original post or the original post itself.

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What does OP mean in the text?

Original Poster The original poster is the person who started a thread and OP is used to refer to that person when replies increase. The term is most often used in messaging or online forums, where “OP” refers to the person who originally posted a question or comment.

Is an OP a snitch?

An opp is street slang. In the broadest sense means “opposition”. But I guess you heard it in a rap song. And rappers usually refer to an opponent as a “snitch” or a “police informant.”

Who are the OPS?

Opposition. Among gang members, OPS is a slang term used to mean “opposition” to refer to members of rival gangs. (In this context, OPS is entered more often than OPPS.)

What does op mean in rap?