What happens if you help Mary Linton?

What happens if you help Mary Linton?

After agreeing to help Mary, a marker will appear on your map in Cumberland Forest. Go ahead to start part three. You will find people in white at the top. If you approach them, they will get defensive.

What happens if you don’t help Mary?

If you refuse to help Mary find her brother in Red Dead Redemption 2, this quest will end there. The two will exchange a few sweet words, talk about how they miss each other, and go their separate ways. And that’s it for Mary and Arthur. It is important to note that this choice may exclude you from another mission.

What if Arthur ran away with Mary?

If Arthur left with Mary, the rest of the story would either be ruined or John Marston would be one of the original protagonists. If they had gone somewhere else safely, Arthur would have been happy.

Why does Jack call John Sir?

Traditional mark of respect for your elders. People called their fathers “Lord” as a sign of respect for the elderly. At that time it was customary to call one’s father sir.

Can you find Arthur’s body rdr2?

Arthur Morgan’s grave is northeast of Bacchus Station and east of Eagleflies’ Grave. If you complete the game with a high honor score, Arthur’s grave will be decorated with flowers.

Where is Dutch’s mother’s grave?

Blackwater Cemetery

Why didn’t Dutch want to save John?

He hates him for thinking John is the rat of the group, pretty sure a guy like Dutch doesn’t care about family values ​​considering he had the best son (Arthur) anyone could ask for, and look how he leaves her.

Why did Dutch betray John?

He was tired of MANGOES, he was tired of “one more thing” and he was tired of running, just like John. Therefore (if you get the ending right) he tries to make sure John escapes, knowing he’s a dead man at this point.