What happens if you lose the legendary fish?

What happens if you lose the legendary fish?

You can catch legendary fish in any order and send them to Jeremy. It’s best to do this as you get it, because some fish are so big you won’t have space to store them, and if you lose the fish you’ll have to make up for it.

Which fish is the most sold online in rdr2?

Red Dead Online: All the Fish in the Game (And How Much They Sell)

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  • 1 Northern Pike ($5.00) The Northern Pike is undoubtedly the most enjoyable fish to catch.
  • 2 muskies ($5.00)
  • 3 rainbow trout ($4.25)
  • 4 red salmon ($4.25)
  • 5 sea sturgeon ($4.00)
  • 6 Channel catfish ($3.13)
  • 7 Long-nosed Gar ($3.13)
  • 8 Largemouth Bass ($2.00)
  • What is the biggest fish in Red Dead 2?

    channel catfish

    What are the 15 fish in RDR2?

    Red Dead Redemption 2: Fishing Guide

    • chain hedges.
    • red pike.
    • rock bass.
    • smallmouth bass.
    • Bullhead catfish.
    • Perch.
    • sea ​​sturgeon
    • Largemouth bass.

    Is there a legendary fish in O Creagh’s Run?

    The legendary northern pike can be found in the waters near O’Creagh’s Run. Special sea lures are considered the best way to attract fish. Like other pike, this fish becomes more active when the weather is cloudy and gray.

    Where is the best fish in RDR2?

    Red Dead Redemption 2: The 10 best fishing spots

  • 1 Owenjila Lake. Players can find this body of water in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.
  • 2 Dakota River.
  • 3 Iron flat lake.
  • 4 San Luis River.
  • 5 Sisika Island.
  • 6 The rivers of the North.
  • 7 The marsh near Lagras.
  • 8 O’Creagh’s Run.
  • How long does it take to catch a legendary fish?

    5 hours

    Is there a trick to catching the legendary fish rdr2?

    Use special marine bait to catch this fish. You can fish for legendary goldfish in Stillwater Creek’s largest pond between Thieve’s Landing and MacFarlane’s Ranch in New Austin. Use the special lake lure to catch this fish.

    Can legendary fish be caught again in Stardew Valley?

    The legend is a fish found in the mountain lake in spring when it rains. It’s one of the five legendary fish, so you can only catch it once per save file or once per player in multiplayer…

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    Legend Found in: Mountain Lake Time of day: All season: Spring Weather: Rain

    Can you catch the legendary Bluegill with Kieran?

    The Legendary Bluegill is located south of Clemens Point off Flat Iron Lake. You’ll find out when you accept Kieran’s offer to go fishing in Chapter 3. Keiran will invite you to go fishing with him off the beach near Camp Clemens Point. To catch the Legendary Bluegill, use a special lake lure.

    What lures do I need to catch Legendary Bluegill?

    What bait should I use? To catch the Legendary Bluegill, you must use the special river lure.

    How much does the legendary Bluegill weigh?

    about four pounds

    Can you catch legendary fish without special bait?

    Once you have the map of legendary fish locations, you will need to purchase special bait to catch them. You can catch them with regular bait, but you’ll have to sort through the non-legendary fish you catch, and that takes a lot more time. For bait, head to Lagras.

    Why can’t I catch legendary fish in Red Dead 2?

    Catching the legendary fish doesn’t require just any bait. Each is specific to a type of water; the special river lure, the special lake lure and the special marsh lure. Once you purchase the baits, they can be reused on any fish, so you only have to purchase them once.

    What is the reward for catching all the legendary fish?

    Jeremy Gill heads to Rio Bravo to catch a big catfish and prove he’s not a cheat. When you reach certain milestones in this activity, Gill offers rewards: a sea lure for the first legendary fish caught and $45 plus x5 succulent fish meat after catching 10.

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    Do you lose legendary fish when you die?

    Yes, if you lose a legendary fish after catching it, wait two days and it should reappear. However, lost legendary animal pelts are automatically transported to the trapper.

    How many legendary fish can you store?

    You can store up to five fish of the same species in your satchel, but if you catch a large fish, only one can be stored on your horse.

    Can you catch the fish that ate Jeremy Gill?

    Gill wants you to take a photo of him catching channel catfish so others can believe his stories as an experienced fisherman. Gill actually tricks the catfish into biting, only to be sucked into the water and never seen again. Unfortunately, channel catfish remains just a myth that can never be caught.

    Can you catch the giant catfish RDR2?

    Finally, the Red Dead Giant Catfish Has Been Caught (In Game Files)

    Where is Channel Catfish RDR2?

    Channel catfish hide deep in muddy swamp waters where aquatic plants provide shade and shelter. Large in size, with a keen sense of smell, they find marsh lures irresistible but ignore most natural baits. They do not like sunlight and are more active on cloudy days.

    Has anyone caught the legendary catfish?

    The legendary channel catfish is said to live in the San Luis River. Fishermen have been trying to catch this fish for years, but no one has ever succeeded.