What happens when you merge the golden apple of the cosmos?

What happens when you merge the golden apple of the cosmos?

Each fusion of Golden Apples of the Cosmos appears to create two egg crates and one egg chest. Fruits from King Midas’ garden. Hit by a Midas duck. There is a strange golden magic about this fruit.

Where are the dragon gems in Merge Dragons?

How can I get more gems?

  • Play quests! Every time you complete a quest, there is a small chance that a purple Dragon Star will appear instead of a normal yellow Fallen Star.
  • Bring them to camp! When they appear in a level, don’t touch them!
  • Assemble them in 5 seconds!
  • Assemble gems in 5 seconds!
  • What should I spend my dragon gems on in Merge Dragons?

    Places to Spend Buy level rewards, including exclusive items like Fountains of Legend (25 gems). Purchase certain items from the purchase menu: such as event dragon eggs, riches, stone bricks, monster idols, mysterious nests and totems. Buy items from Kala’s store.

    How to unblock friends in Merge Magic?

    To access the Friends feature, click the Friends button. There are 3 tabs in this menu. The Friends tab shows you and a list of your friends.

    How do I update my Merge Dragon?

    For Android: Go to your apps on your phone and open the Google Play Store app. Tap the My apps & games menu. Apps for which an update is available are marked “Updated”. Find fusion dragons! and tap Update.

    Can I get rid of locked chests in Merge Dragons?

    In levels. Dragon Egg Chests obtained in levels are automatically unlocked and can be merged into an unlocked Dragon Nest Vault. They are worth 0 coins in levels and can only be eliminated.

    How to make Pegasus Egg fuse dragons?


  • Open dragon egg chests/dragon nest safes by harvesting dragon trees.
  • Randomly by merging Ruby Fire Eggs.
  • Random from Mystery Nest (Supernest) / Mystery Nest (Meganest).
  • See the evil fog in the camp.
  • Buy the premium island.
  • Appears to be behind the creation of Spectral Lifespring.
  • What’s in the Dragon’s Supernest safe?

    Contains a Mysterious Nest (Supernest), Shining Flower of Life, Twin Flower of Life, Magic Coin – Gold, Fallen Star, Orb of Life.

    What about dragons merging in a giant nest vault?

    When opened, they contain three dragon nests and several items that can be linked to the source they were harvested from. If the source is treasure chests or tapping target stars, the content is randomly selected from the presets.

    How to unlock the vault in Dragon Nest?

    Merging Dragon Chests Merging three uncommon dragon egg chests creates a rare radiant egg chest, merging three rare radiant egg chests creates a rare dragon nest vault, and merging three rare dragon’s nest chests gives a HUGE epic nest chest.