What if your last card in Uno was an exchange of hands?

What if your last card in Uno was an exchange of hands?

If your last card is a Wild Swap Hands card, you can treat and play it like a normal wild card to end the game there and no further action is required. Indeed, if you were to exchange hands with another player, you obviously would not win the game.

What rules apply to the hand exchange card in Uno?

Wild Swap Hands Card When you play this card, you can choose any opponent and swap all cards in your hand with all cards in their hand. This is a joker, so you can play it on your turn even if you have another playable card in hand. You also choose the color with which the game will continue.

What if you don’t have a playing card in UNO?

It reads: “If you do not have a card that matches the card in the DISCARD pile, you must take a card from the DRAW pile. If the card you collected can be played, you can discard it in the same turn. Otherwise, play passes to the next person in turn. »

Can you choose not to play a card in Uno?

You may choose not to play any playable cards from your hand. If so, you must draw a card from the draw pile. If playable, this card can be played, but you cannot play a card from your hand after it has been drawn.

Can you drop it off at the UN after you get it back?

Unotm rules. Once the cards have been dealt and the pile has been placed on the draw pile, the top card of the draw pile is turned over to begin a discard pile. If the recorded card can be played, he is free to discard it directly. Otherwise, play passes to the next person in turn.

Can a Wild stop a Draw Four at UNO?

Yes, you can’t drop the +4 card whenever you want, Sandra! According to the official UN rules: “If you play this card (Wild Draw 4 Card), you can choose the color that continues the game PLUS the next player must draw 4 cards from the draw pile and loses their turn.

Can you stack 2 cards in UNO?

The official Uno rules do not allow stacking of Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards. However, most serious Uno players allow some form of rules for card stacking. When a Draw 2 card is “stacked”, the next player must draw 4 cards or play another Draw 2 card (causing the next player to draw 6 cards), and so on.

What is the stacking rule at the UN?

Uno has confirmed that Draw Four or Draw Two cards cannot be stacked. According to UN rules, when a “draw four” card is discarded, the next player must simply draw four cards and lose a turn. The card game company confirmed the rule on Twitter, but people refuse to accept that it’s true.