What is a good 40 yard dash time for a 13 year old?

What is a good 40 yard dash time for a 13 year old?

5 seconds

What is a fast 40 for a 14 year old?

It all depends on your weight and height, and of course your speed, but the average time for a 40 meter run is 6.2 s (or 6.7-7.3 s) if you are 5.5 s heard you are wrong.

What is a good NFL 40 yard dash time?

4.22 seconds: John Ross III, WR (2017)

  • 4.24 seconds: Chris Johnson, RB (2008)
  • 4.24 seconds: Rondel Menedez, WR (1999)
  • 4.26 seconds: Dri Archer, RB (2014)
  • 4.26 seconds: Jérôme Mathis, WR (2005)
  • 4.27 seconds: Marquise Goodwin, WR (2013)
  • 4.27 seconds: Stanford Routt, BC (2005)
  • 4.27 seconds: Henry Ruggs III, WR (2020)

What is a good 40 yard dash in high school?

What is the average 40 yard dash in a high school?

40-yard dash results (general guidelines) College football players 4.6-4.9 sec High school football players 4.9-5.6 sec Recreational athletes (men) ~5.0 sec Recreational athletes (female) ~5.8 sec

How many mph is a 5 second line at 40 yards?

16 mph

What was Michael Jordan’s 40 yard dash time?

4.3 seconds

How fast can Michael Jordan run a mile?

4 minutes, 37 seconds

Can anyone run a 5 minute mile?

at most 1% of the male population could walk a five-minute mile. We met some high school athletes, less than 5 miles in a town of 100,000, and so on, a few football players, a few more runners. There is no way a big weightlifter can run a 5 minute mile.

Is it difficult to walk 5 minutes?

Running a 5 minute mile is no easy task. It takes a lot of training and good nutrition to achieve this, but it is possible if you work hard at it. By training your body to run longer distances, strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular capacity, you can run a mile in just 5 minutes.