What is HDCR?

What is HDCR?

The HDCR button stands for High Dynamic Contrast Range. It provides automatic assistance in setting the correct contrast so you can see certain areas of your monitor better in a high-brightness room.

What is anti-motion blur?

Anti-motion blur reduces camera shake when capturing a slightly dark scene or when using the telephoto lens. Additionally, the camera combines six high-sensitivity shots into a single still image, reducing camera shake while avoiding image noise. Rotate the control dial to choose Anti-Motion Blur.

What is OD on MSI monitor?

With Response Time Override, you can increase monitor response time (pixel transition time) to reduce trailing/ghosting artifacts behind fast-moving objects. Depending on the refresh rate, excessive overload may result in pixel overflow or reverse ghosting.

What does FreeSync mean?

adaptive sync technology

Should I enable or disable FreeSync?

If you have it enabled, use it unless you mean you never play games or display anything on screen. If you have a GPU that doesn’t work with Freesync, you can also disable it from the monitor.

Do I need FreeSync for 144Hz?

Do you need FreeSync at 144Hz? No not true. HFR is quite effective at reducing the appearance of tearing, because tearing effects are so briefly visible on the screen at this type of refresh rate. But if you play games that regularly fall into the 100s or are highly variable, then FreeSync will be a big help.

Does G Sync matter at 144Hz?

If you play a lot of games that your PC can’t handle at 60fps, you’re probably better off buying a G-Sync model, otherwise 144Hz is clearly a better choice. Screen tearing happens when you reach your monitor’s maximum Hz=fps, so no monitor will be below your maximum Hz=fps.

Is V-Sync good?

VSync is a great option for gamers struggling with inconsistent frame rates and refresh rates. VSync forces your GPU and monitor to work in unison with finely tuned cohesion. This synchronicity effectively prevents screen tearing and promotes smoother, smoother gameplay.

Do pros use GSync?

It’s worth noting that many professional gamers have G-Sync monitors. They just don’t enable G-Sync in their games. * G-Sync has significantly reduced input lag compared to Vsync, but is still not as low as Vsync disabled.

Should I use GSync to game?

Whenever you encounter a more demanding situation in a game where your graphics card’s frame rate needs to drop, G-Sync will lower its refresh rate to match the new frame rate the GPU is running at. This prevents screen tearing and stuttering, and games run much smoother.