What is the best weapon in Watch Dogs 2?

What is the best weapon in Watch Dogs 2?

Here are 10 of the most useful hack weapons in Watch Dogs 2.

  • Stun 10 snipers.
  • 9 Help Desk Denial Gun.
  • 8 Goodbye, global shotgun.
  • 7 CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher.
  • 6 DDoS shotgun.
  • 5 rifle DOT_FILE.
  • 4 awesome WTB launchers.
  • 3 zero-day rifle.

Can you carry more than 2 Guns Watch Dogs 2?

You can change your Tazer with any weapon. But yes, with more than 3 weapons at the same time it would have been good, Aiden could carry around 50:P like that. However, this won’t happen this late in development. Apparently you can’t, I have bad information, you can really only use the two weapon slots.

How to make money quickly in Watch Dogs 2?

  • Mine to Make $18,000 Every 40 Seconds – The fastest way we know to make money is a technique from WikiGameGuides on YouTube.
  • Pawn Shops – As you explore the world and burglarize cars, you will loot valuable items.
  • Can you rob a store in Watch Dogs 2?

    Steal the Shop – After you start looking at what the shop has to offer, you can press the appropriate button/button to point your gun at the owner. A successful action will usually net you at least several hundred dollars, although you should keep in mind that the police may be alerted.

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    Are there cheat codes in Watch Dogs 2?

    Aside from the General Watch Dogs 2 cheat codes mentioned above, there are no specific cheat codes for the PC version.

    How do you sell things in Watch Dogs 2?

    Every few hours, go to a pawn shop indicated by a ring icon on your map. You can sell all your loot here instantly and although it won’t make you a millionaire, combined with the other tips it will definitely increase your bank balance.

    How to farm followers in Watch Dogs 2?

    How to get more subscribers in Watch Dogs 2

  • Main Missions: Completing main story missions rewards the player with the most experience points.
  • Side Missions: Side missions are displayed on the map.
  • Online Missions: The more difficult the mission in the online world, the more experience the player gains.
  • How to hack people for money in Watch Dogs Legion?

    5 Ways to Make Money Fast in Watch Dogs Legion

  • Ubisoft will give you a decent amount of ETO when you complete the game’s story missions and side quests.
  • Ubisoft Some characters have special skills that allow them to earn more ETO.
  • Ubisoft hacking ATMs is a quick way to make money.
  • Ubisoft Be careful when driving with fragile supplies.
  • How to unlock skills in Watch Dogs 2?

    In Watch Dogs 2, you can use the Research app which Marcus can use to unlock new skills. The game offers dozens of different skills. Below is a list of the most useful ones. You should get them as soon as possible because they make it much easier to access hidden collectibles and complete missions.

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    How many skill points are there in Watch Dogs?