What is the level cap in Black Desert Online?

What is the level cap in Black Desert Online?

There is no level cap in Black Desert Online. However, there is what is called a “soft cap” at which it becomes almost impossible to reach a certain level. You can see this in the image I got from one of the charts available on Smite Datamining which shows the amount of XP needed per level.

Who is the highest level in the Black Desert?

As with many MMORPG games, players want to reach max level because it’s a bit like a crown jewel. Previously, the maximum level a player could reach was 63, achieved by a player in Korea. Recently, the developers increased the level cap of Black Desert Online to 70.

Who is the highest level in Black Desert Online?

Why BDO. From what I’ve heard the high level person in the game is 62, but maybe if he spends the rest of his life grinding mobs he might only get 63 before he croak. Only the top 5 players are 61.00+, the 30th player is 60.08.

How many quests are there in BDO?

Types of Quests There are seven types of quests in Black Desert.

How long is the history of BDO?


Solo Query Average Main Story 6 104 hrs 34 mins Main + Extras 8 347 hrs 42 mins Graduates 2 1383 hrs 16 mins All Playstyles 16 385 hrs 58 mins

Where did the quest for the Black Desert go?

Where Did He Go is a quest in Black Desert Online. You can get it from Priestess Elizabeth Gardner in Fogan Marsh. See the “Strategy Guide/Tips” section below for a map with the exact location where to find it.

How long is the main quest in BDO?

approximately 30 hours

Does the Black Desert have a history?

Black Desert’s story got a facelift in 2019, and with the announcement of Crimson Desert, it seems like the company is making an honest effort to improve its storytelling. I wouldn’t say Black Desert’s story is bad, but it is a mess. It deservedly has great story elements.