What is the most powerful weapon in the forest?

What is the most powerful weapon in the forest?

Next up is the Modern Axe, the best of all the axes available in The Forest. In addition to being an excellent weapon, the modern ax is also ideal for cutting down trees. Similar to the Crafted Club described above, the Modern Ax deals 7 damage.

Can you finish the forest peacefully

Yes, but you have to survive a boss fight and make the right decision in the end!

Which ax is best for chopping wood in the forest?

The modern ax is the most effective ax for felling trees because it only takes nine blows. A plane ax takes 17 blows.

Is a hand-built AX better than an airplane AX?

Like the Rusted Axe, the Crafted Ax will chop down trees with 13 blows (9 for the Modern Ax and 17 for the Plane Axe). It does more damage than the Plane Axe, has more knockdown power, and has a longer range.

Is modern AX better than rusty AX?

Playstyle. This ax is slower and does less damage than the modern axe, but has higher knockdown power and the highest block level for a weapon, similar to the mace and turtle shell. This can be used to prevent any damage from cannibals and mutants when blocking.

What is the fastest way to cut down trees in the forest?


  • Chopping down trees with ax weapons burns stamina and calories that have nothing to do with swinging.
  • The modern ax is the fastest ax for felling trees.
  • The direction the player is looking when a tree has been felled is the direction the tree will fall.

Do modern axes cut trees faster?

This is the best true tree felling ax available in the game. The modern ax swings slower than the plane axe, but knocks down cannibals more often than their weaker counterparts.

How to collect logs in the forest?

Tree trunks are one of the most important building materials and can be obtained by felling trees. They were added in update v0. 01 of the forest.

Can you carry 3 tree trunks into the forest?

This item is not compatible with The Forest. Please see the instructions page to see why this item might not work in The Forest. It is very easy to carry 3 logs, you can also build 50% faster.

Can you carry more than two logs in the forest?

It can store up to 12 logs or sticks. This is especially useful when you need to cut down most of the trees in your area and need to travel a distance to get more.

How many sticks can a wooden sled hold in the forest?

Wooden Sled – a build that allows players to store and transport resources at the same time. It can hold 12 logs, 58 sticks, 3 torsos, 3 corpses or 23 stones.

How to break wooden sleds in the forest?

If you want to remove a wooden sled, you can use the hole cutter. The wooden sled also has an overlaid flag icon that comes in five different colors to choose from.

How to transport more fish into the forest?

I saw a fisherman using a rope to easily carry more fish. It works by passing the rope through the gills and out of the mouths of many fish so that they simply stay on the rope until you remove them.

Can we preserve meat in the forest?

The Drying Room is a meat storage and drying building that was added in update v0. 08 of the forest. It can be found in the grocery section of the survival guide.

Can you dry fish in the forest?

Fish can be boiled, dried and steamed. Fish can be caught with an animal trap placed in the water.

Can you fish in forest game?

Several fish in the ocean. Fish are a group of passive animals that can be found in the sea, in rivers, ponds or in the water of caves. When the fish are killed, they drop as a collectible, raw fish, which can then be boiled or hung on a drying rack. Update history.

Version Changes v0.01 Fish added to the game.

How do you upgrade your weak spear in the forest?

Upgrade the Weak Spear by combining it with 2 pieces of cloth and 3 bones. If you want, you can upgrade it again by combining your spear with 1 rag and 1 liquor.

How to make a bow in the forest?

To make an arch in the forest, you need:

  • Collect 1 stick (from the bushes), 1 rag (from the suitcases) and 1 piece of rope (from the cannibal tents).
  • Open your backpack and combine each item on the crafting mat. You now have a bow.
  • Is there an ark in the forest?

    This patch adds a new modern arch. It is hidden quite deep in one of the cave systems. This bow shoots longer and further than the crafted bow and does more damage. To keep the Crafted Bow useful, we made it fire faster than the Modern Bow, but with a shorter range and less damage.

    Where is the sword in the forest?

    The katana found in the cave. The gun is on the businessman’s left lap. The exit from Cave 1 can be used as a shortcut to more easily access the katana.

    Can you make ropes in the forest

    Luckily, you can rope. However, it will cost you 7 rags and you will get 1 rope. You can combine the fabric by right-clicking the 7 on your backpack, then clicking on the equipment to craft it. Cloth can be found in suitcases and in cannibal camps.