What Japanese name means child of the moon?

What Japanese name means child of the moon?

Tsukiko In Japanese, Tsukiko means child of the moon.

What Japanese name means daughter of the moon

Beautiful Japanese girl names

Name Meaning Masa Masa is a lovely Japanese name meaning “gate of sand”. The name has other variations such as Masako and Masayo. Michiko Michiko is a cute name that means “beautiful”; wise child.” Mizuki Mizuki means “beautiful moon” or “water moon” and is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name.

What Japanese name means black moon

Aruna: This cute Japanese name, which can mean “love of the moon” (depending on the kanji characters used), is a perfect, little-used alternative to popular A-sandwich options like Aria and Aurora. Esmeray: A lovely Turkish name with the evocative meaning of “black moon” that might appeal to burgeoning Esme lovers.

Is Tsuki a last name?

The surname is the 421,746 most common surname in the world and is held by approximately 1 in 8,865,628 people. Tsuki is also the 363,109 most common first name in the world, held by 539 people. The surname is most common in Japan, where it is carried by 670 people or 1 in 190,812 people.

What is a tsuki?

Tsuki is a Japanese word that mainly refers to the moon (月), but also a thrust (突き) or an attachment (付き).

Is Uchiha a real last name?

How common is the last name Uchiwa? It is 1,589,322. most common international surname It is held by approximately 1 in 56,933,952 people. The Uchiha surname is most commonly used in Vietnam, where it is held by 96 people or 1 person out of 965,063.

Is Lee a Japanese name?

The common Korean surname Lee (also romanized Yi, Ri or Rhee) and the Vietnamese surname Lý are both derived from Li and are historically written with the same Chinese character (李)…Li (surname 李)

Pronunciation of Lǐ (Mandarin) Lei (Cantonese) language(s) Chinese language(s) of origin ancient Chinese Meaning Plum, plum tree