What should I sell in Zelda Breath of the Wild?

What should I sell in Zelda Breath of the Wild?

The short answer is that you should keep rarer items and sell common items. This goes for everything from groceries to monster parts. Ultimately, you’ll end up using many of the rarest or hard-to-obtain items to upgrade your outfits (and some side quests), and the rarest foods will give you more hearts or add additional effects.

What is a Keese eyeball used for?

This material can be used to upgrade Link’s armor in the game. Keese’s eyeballs, in particular, are used to upgrade the entire soldier. The level 2 upgrades to Trooper Armor, Trooper Helmet, and Trooper Leggings each require three Keese Eyeballs and three Moblin Guts.

Where to sell gems in Zelda?

To be honest, it’s better to use the defined elements later, the individual parts are a bit more. But if you want to sell it for a higher price, you can sell it to a Gerudo lady in Goron after you defeat the divine beast there and complete her quest.

Who buys gems in Gerudo?

Ramella is a gerudo who came to the Eldin region in search of precious jewels. She can wander around Goron Town during the day. She tells Link that he can buy refractory elixirs from Offrak in the city, which she uses herself to continue her work.

Can you sell Rubies Botw?

Ruby: Selling price 210. Found in ore deposits. Dropped by Standard, Luminous, and Igneo Talus types and all Silver enemies. Sapphire: public price 260.

Can I buy Botw opals?

It can be purchased from a Goron in Tarrey Town and sold to any vendor. In Gerudo Town, you can exchange it for Opal Earrings at the jewelry store, which are useful for increasing swimming speed and can be upgraded. Link’s opal supply can be viewed by selecting Inventory (+) then navigating right or left to Materials.

Can you sell weapons in Breath of the Wild?

According to this source, it is not possible to sell weapons: weapons in the game look like a completely different type of item. There are plenty of them, but you can’t trade them, repair them (usually), or buy them. You are prey.

Can you sell armor in Zelda?

Any vendor you can sell to accepts armor parts. They will all pay the same price, so there is no way to “maximize” your profit.