Where can I buy arrows in Orgrimmar?

Where can I buy arrows in Orgrimmar?

Orgrimmar Bowyer is a bow shop in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar.

Where can I buy razor arrows in Orgrimmar?


Name Location Camp Trak’gen Orgrimmar ∞ Marda Weller City Stormwind ∞ Kuna Donnerhorn Donnerfels ∞ Bale Teufelswald ∞

Where can I buy arrows in Wotlk?

Timeless Arrows are still available and can be purchased in Dalaran (and Shattrath) if you have reputation, and they are cheaper than Engineer’s Arrows.

Can engineers make WOW Classic arrows?

Is there a profession that makes arrows? No. Engineers can make arrows/bullets. Engineers can craft Thorium Grenades, and there are repeatable quests in Orgrimmar and Ironforge where you can trade a stack of Thorium Grenades for a stack of Thorium Arrows.

Where can I exchange Thorium Bowls for Arrows?

They could be exchanged for thorium arrows at certain NPCs, the arrow equivalent of these grenades:

  • Alliance: Gunner Sheldonore in Ironforge via [60] Arrows are for sissies.
  • Horde: bounty hunter from Kolark to Orgrimmar via [60] Fair trade.

Are thorium bowls worth it?

Thorium bowls are good but not necessary unless you have a lot of gold. I used to switch and only use them for bosses in raids, AV ammo was almost as good and only needed honored (easy to hit) reps.

Where can I learn classic thorium bowls?

It’s probably easier to buy through AH or the trade channel. Just FYI, you can turn thorium bowls into thorium-headed arrows (same values) either by talking to the guy at the IF inn or by seeing a tauren wandering around the Valley of Honor in Ogrimmar (be careful with blue question marks above their heads). .

What job do arrows do in WOW Classic?

The second highest is made by an engineer or these bullets are exchanged for arrows at an NPC. You can also just purchase them from the AH. Stuff you buy directly from NPCs is bought afterwards. Yes, you and your wife’s son have to make arrows when they play hunter.

What is the profession of arrows?


Occupation Fields of activity Leisure, Hunting Description of professions Crafts Related professions Fletcher

When did the ammo go in wow?


Can you buy arrows in Alterac Valley?

Vendor Locations This item can be purchased in Alterac Mountains and Alterac Valley.

Do hunters use TBC ammunition?

Removing ammo was a somewhat controversial issue among hunters when they implemented it, but keep in mind that during this time they also removed all reagents from all spells for “Convenience” reasons, that’s what I like about the Classic likes the needs of your classroom.

Can you put bullets in a WOW Classic quiver?

Will ammo stored in normal bags be reloaded into your equipped slot? The quivers automatically filled it in one place. Yes sir. If you have 2k arrows (1600/8 stacks in the quiver and 400/2 stacks in the other pockets), all are considered “equipped”.

Where can I buy classic arrows in Orgrimmar?

How to make thorium bars?

Thorium Bars are crafted with 4 Thorium Ores on a Thorium Anvil and are one of the first crafting materials. Not only can they be crafted from Scarlet Chests, as well as Strange Chests and Scarlet Chests.

Where can I get dense sandblasting powder?

To craft the powder, an engineer with skill level 250 would need 2 blocks of dense stone. The recipe is learned from the engineering trainer.

Where can I get dense sandblasting powder in WOW Classic?

This can be trained in Gadgetzan. There is a Goblin-Eng trainer right next to the inn.

Where can I train the thorium widget?

This was taught (trained) by Buzzek Bracketswing (Master Engineer) at Gadgetzan for 50 years.

How many thorium widgets are there?

You need 360 Thorium Widgets for 1200 Tickets, which is approximately 1080 Thorium Bars and 360 Runecloth.

What is the Thorium widget used for?

A thorium widget is a subcomponent created by an engineer and is used to create even larger creations.

Where can I learn Truesilver Transformer?

This diagram is sold by Mazk Snipershot in Booty Bay. It’s in the big building, straight ahead as you get off the boat.

Where can I buy gel oil?

This is a limited supply item. To get it, you need to buy it from Bro’kin, a goblin vendor on the northwest wall of the Alterac Ruins. Many elite ogres are in the ruins, so prepare for a fight if you are below level 50.

Is there a reagent seller in Gadgetzan?

Grux Sparklesnap is a level 45 Reagent Vendor in the Goblin City of Gadgetzan.