Where do you sell alligator eggs in rdr2?

Where do you sell alligator eggs in rdr2?

1. Pearson says there’s a buyer in Saint Denis who will pay “top dollar” for alligator eggs.

What do you do with Gator eggs in RDR2?

They are part of a quest and you can also sell them to the trapper. I found some in the marshes north of Saint-Denis on a small island.

What do orchids do in RDR2?

Use them when cooking over a campfire to increase stamina. According to the compendium, “These plants are native to forests and savannahs and grow in West Elizabeth, Ambarino and Lemoyne. » They are quite large and can be recognized by their lilac flowers.

Where are the lady’s slipper orchids in RDR2?

Lady Slipper Orchid is recognizable by its large bulbous purple flower and spotted purple leaves. This orchid species can grow in the soil of forests, grasslands, and wooded areas such as the Big Valley and Tall Trees areas of West Elizabeth.

Do orchids respawn rdr2?

You can only select them once and they will never appear again.

Where is the ghost orchid in rdr2?

Location(s) Ghost Orchid is an exotic flower found in Bayou Nwa.

Where can I get vanilla flowers in rdr2?

Sales Income The Vanilla Flower is a flower in Red Dead Redemption 2 that can be found along the rivers of Bayou Nwa.

Where does vanilla flavor come from?

A chemical compound used in vanilla flavoring comes from beaver horn – which is extracted from the anal excretions of beavers. Beaver ears excrete a fatty substance called castoreum, which the animals use to mark their territory.

Where is the American muskrat in rdr2?

American Muskrat The American muskrat’s primary habitat is on the rivers and shorelines of New Austin, West Elizabeth, Lemoyne, and New Hanover. As omnivores, their diet consists of aquatic plants, small fish and amphibians. The Varmint rifle is the most effective way to hunt these rodents.

How to dismantle small animal carcasses in Red Dead Redemption?

You can get the “break open” command in the corner of the screen by holding down the X button on your controller. A small animal can be cut into fur, meat, etc.

Does fish count as an rdr2 carcass?

No meat, no fish. Meat no, you can’t do that, carcass yes. I don’t know what problem you are facing, but I gave him carcasses as planned.

Can you skin rdr2 squirrels?

You can’t skin a squirrel the first time you pick it up. You will need to open your bag, find the squirrel carcass and use the opening option to preserve your fur.