Which State of Decay 2 map is the best?

Which State of Decay 2 map is the best?

Meagher Valley is the closest thing to a perfect map in State of Decay 2. It’s not unnecessarily as large as Drucker County, and it also has an overabundance of buildings that makes looting easier than Cascade Hills. Of all the maps, Meagher Valley is the densest, and that goes for zombies as well.

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What is the best weapon in State of Decay 2?

Timber Wolf M99X1

Will there be State of Decay 3?

State of Decay 3 is in development for PC and Xbox Series X.

Can you stealth kill a Juggernaut in State of Decay 2?

Juggernauts must be killed with a melee attack. You can damage them forever, but they won’t die until you use a quick stealth/ground attack to take them down. If you don’t do this, they will continue to regenerate and recover.

What is the best car in State of Decay 2?


Do cars reappear in State of Decay 2?

No, they don’t reappear. Protect them and keep them fixed. However, later in the game there is a survivor who will deliver cars to you.

What are the 3 maps in State of Decay 2?

Your choices here are the Foothills, Town on the Board, or Town in the Valley, and these make up the game’s three unique maps.

What is the name of the jeep in State of Decay 2?


Which vehicle has the most storage in State of Decay 2?

Which vehicle has the biggest trunk? The clear winners in this category seem to be the Cargo Van and the Repair Van. Both have eight inventory slots, but only two doors. They are also not very hardy, so you have to drive carefully and avoid swarms.

Can you upgrade the military truck in State of Decay 2?

The military truck is a durable vehicle capable of transporting soldiers, recruits, survivors and loot. He transforms into The Big Boss with a heavy vehicle upgrade kit.

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Where to find police cars in State of Decay 2?

The Police Cruiser is a vehicle in State of Decay and its Lifeline DLC. The Sheriff version is only available in Trumbull Valley (State of Decay and Breakdown) and can be found in urban areas (one is near the Bronto gas station in Spencer’s Mill).

Where is the military truck in State of Decay 2?

Drucker County and Cascade Hills

Where can I get a mid-size car upgrade kit?

Where can I find vehicle upgrade kits? The Vehicle Upgrade Kit is available at some dealerships, but the best way to get it is to build an auto repair shop. However, keep in mind that you need a survivor with mechanical knowledge to manage the auto workshop and create the vehicle upgrade kit.

Where to find new cars in State of Decay 2?

Vehicle Locations in State of Decay 2 – Where to Find Cars and Trucks

  • Cascade Hills Vehicle Locations. Vehicles in this area mainly drive near roads.
  • Drucker County Auto Locations. Drucker County has many vehicles, and most of them are clustered around the settlements.
  • Barren Valley Vehicles. The starting vehicle in Meager Valley is the ambulance, which is a pretty decent ride.

Where can I find circuit scrap?

To find circuit remnants, look anywhere there are power boxes and circuit breakers, such as at the base of radio towers. Elsewhere, you have a good chance of finding them in places that appear to have once served as manufacturing or industrial jobs, like factories and warehouses.

Where are the toolboxes in State of Decay 2?

You’ll almost always find toolboxes in the same places as gas cans. These include: garages, sheds and houses. With the tool kit in your inventory, position yourself at the front of the vehicle. Hold E/Y to start the repair, which should take about fifteen seconds.

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How to get a car mechanic in State of Decay 2?

It can be provided by one of the survivor’s traits or taught to them with a mechanics manual. Mechanics and their specializations can be upgraded in workshops with the appropriate installation actions, or by using mechanic manuals. Car mechanics can also be improved in the car workshop.

Can you build a car dealership in State of Decay 2?

The Auto Shop is one of five construction and crafting facilities. It allows you to craft Repair Kits and Vehicle Upgrade Kits, providing passive and active benefits to upgrade your vehicles.

What are the best skills in State of Decay 2?

State Of Decay 2: The 5 best skills (and the 5 worst)

  • 8 Best – Fishing.
  • 7 Worst – Cooking.
  • 6 Best – Driving.
  • 5 Worst – Metallurgy.
  • 4 Best – Lichenology.
  • 3 Worst – Political science.
  • 2 Best – Chemistry.
  • 1 Worst – Medicine.

What is crafting in Decay 2?

Weaponcrafting can be improved in the Weapons Depot or by any action that improves crafting skills… Weaponcrafting.

Weapon Crafting Level 7 +15% durability of all weapons Crafting An expert in weapon crafting -33% cost of weapon repair parts

What does Lichenology do in Decay State 2?

Lichenology is second best because it unlocks Meds Outposts which can be used as ammo or food outposts instead.

What does Decay State 2 ammo do?

Ammunition. Survivors with ammo can also occasionally provide your community with 3 Soda Can Bombs or 1 Pipe Bomb. “I took some of our discarded ammunition and made some low-grade explosives.

Can you get rid of skills in State of Decay 2?

1 answer. As far as I know, you cannot unlearn a survivor’s ability. You cannot “remove” a skill simply by using a different manual, and there are no installations or conversations with the option to eliminate a skill. Your only option is to recruit a new survivor with an empty skill slot.

Can you change Decay 2 5th skill state?

Sorry, you cannot remove this 5th ability. Death or exile are the only ways to obtain a 5th. Competence” but also the rest. Lichenlore needs a dexterity book.