Who are the best heroes of empires and puzzles?

Who are the best heroes of empires and puzzles?

Best hero ranking in Empires & Puzzles

  • Excavator. Gravemaker has such speed and power that he deserves this rank in the rankings.
  • Black Knight.
  • Finley.
  • Alice.
  • Zeline.
  • Kingston.
  • Liana.
  • Guardian gazelle.

How important are troops in empires and puzzles?

Troops improve the stats of the corresponding hero on your team. You can only use troops of the same color as the hero. The stat increase is passive and works in any game mode.

Can you upgrade troops in empires and puzzles?

You can upgrade troops in barracks, which will become available once your fortress is upgraded to level 10. Once the fortress is upgraded, you can start remodeling a building above level 5 and give yourself the opportunity to upgrade it convert into barracks.

What do you do with extra troops in empires and puzzles?

Once you reach a certain level, you can upgrade a building to level 5 (or 10, I don’t remember) and then convert it into a barracks. In the barracks you can upgrade your troops with the ones you don’t want/need…

When can you level up troops in empires and puzzles?

Barracks are used to increase the level of troops. It is an advanced building. To be able to build it, you must have at least a level 10 fortress and any other building at least level 5. If you select the level 5+ building, you will have the option to convert it into this advanced building.

How to lock troops into empires and puzzles?

Do you lock up troops by clicking on them? Mark the troop in question and press the padlock at the top left of your troop stats.

How to use 2 troops to gain experience for a troop?

Save your food and don’t upgrade your troops 2*. As with the previous question, keep the 4* troops you get and about 2 3* troops of each color. You will use them a lot. As you grow in the game and have more heroes, you will see that in a raid you will even use 3 heroes of the same color, so you will need troops for them.

How to eliminate troops in empires and puzzles?

How to remove trained troops from the game?

  • Go to your barracks and press the info button for the force you want to delete.
  • On the information card, tap the “Trash” button.
  • Select the number of troops you want to remove, then tap Discard.
  • What is the Heroes Academy in Empires and Riddles?

    The Hero Academy was first announced in December 2018. This building will be added in version 30. It allows you to train 1-4 star heroes (including trainer heroes), 1-3 star troops, and retrain 4-star troops and 5-star heroes. It is available from Stronghold 25.

    Is Hero Academy worth it in empires and puzzles?

    Also, for Empires & Puzzles Free-to-Play (FTP) players, the Hero Academy might be good, even up to level 10 as a chance to get rarer 5-star heroes. For most players, however, once they play the Appx.

    How much iron do you need for Hero Academy?

    Hero Academy Construction Costs

    Level Title Iron Costs 1 Train Common Heroes 2610k 2 Train Common Troops 2626k 3 Train Uncommon Heroes 2644k 4 Train Uncommon Troops 2659k

    What is the Hunter’s Lodge in Empires and Mysteries?

    The Hunter’s Hut is used to craft 5* Battle Items with Titanium Parts that are dropped by a defeated or escaped Titan as a reward after using Giant Harpoons. These are the first advanced buildings available at Fortress level 21 (along with the advanced upgrades for standard Warehouse and Production buildings).

    How do you build Hunter’s Lodge in Empires and Puzzles?

    The Hunter’s Lodge feature will become available once your fortress has been upgraded to level 21. Once the fort is upgraded, you can start remodeling a building above level 5 and give yourself the option to convert it into a Hunter’s Lodge.

    How do I get to Hunters Lodge?

    To gain entry into the lodge house, a hunter must have three half-sun trophies, which are awarded by one of the hunting grounds. Such a person is called a “fugitive”, although this does not mean that he or she is a member of the lodge.

    How do you make a giant harpoon?

    The giant harpoon itself is made from conventional crafting ingredients – 5x common herbs, 1x large bones and 1x clean cotton.

    What should I do with the Titan parts of empires and puzzles?

    Titanium Parts can be used in the Hunter’s Lodge to create legendary items.