Who did Nina Dobrev have a baby with?

Who did Nina Dobrev have a baby with?

On Monday, Dobrev, 32, shared a series of photos on Instagram of her adorable first meeting with Szohr’s 2-month-old daughter, who the 35-year-old Gossip Girl alum welcomed with boyfriend Brad Richardson on Jan. 11 .

Did Ian and Nina have a baby?

“I don’t think it’s funny at all. I think it’s great,” Nina told Andy Cohen on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live 2019.” She even met Bodhi, Ian and Nikki’s daughter. “Why can’t everyone be friends?”

Who is Nina Dobrev with now in 2020?

Nina Dobrev sends her boyfriend Shaun White some birthday greetings. Dobrev, 31, posted on her 34th birthday.

Who is older Damon or Stefan?

Bottom. Damon Salvatore is a vampire filmed by Katherine Pierce 145 years before the start of the series. He is the son of the late Giuseppe Salvatore, the Ripper Lily Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore.

How much older was Damon than Stefan?

Damon Salvatore was born on June 18, 1839. We know that Stefan was born on November 1, 1846 and Stefan was turned into a vampire in 1864 at the age of 17. By now he should be 18, or at least he was “about to be 18.” . Damon is 7 years older than Stefan.

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Who was Stefan and Damon’s half-brother?

Giuseppe Salvatore

Who turned Lily Salvatore into a vampire?

When Lily was very ill with consumption, Giuseppe sent her away. An unknown nurse (believed to be a vampire) had given her vampire blood while she was being held in the tuberculosis ward. Lily died of consumption, which triggered her transformation into a vampire.

What is the bad blood in the vampire diaries?

6 Eating Blood You may be wondering what these two things have in common. Well, on the set of The Vampire Diaries, the fake blood used to represent the vampire snacks was actually edible. So if someone was a little hungry, they could eat it because it had corn syrup, peppermint extract, and other tasty ingredients.

Who else auditioned for Elena Gilbert?

Alexandra Chando auditioned four times for the role of Elena Gilbert. She then starred in the season finale episode The Vampire Diaries: We Have History Together (2017). Torrey DeVitto (Meredith Fell) had previously auditioned for the role of Elena Gilbert.

Is this Elena Katherine’s daughter?

Additionally, Elena and Katherine were half-sisters in the books because they had the same mother (although Katherine suspected Elena was a possible descendant), but in the TV series they are related by blood and Elena is his descendant.

Did Damon and Elena have a child?

In both alternate dimensions, Damon and Elena have at least one child and live and live in Mystic Falls. But how reliable is this information? It’s nice to get even the slightest glimpse into Elena and Damon’s life together as a married couple.

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