Who is the best cat in Battle Cats?

Who is the best cat in Battle Cats?

All cats

Normal cat 10 Macho cat Evolved 10 Mohawk cat True 10 Tank cat Normal 8 Wall cat Evolved 8

How to unlock crazy cats?

For the enemy unit, see Crazed Cat (enemy unit) or Manic Mohawk Cat (enemy unit). The Mad Cat is a super rare cat that is unlocked by completing the event phase. The Crazed Cat is released on the 3rd of every month. True form increases his speed, attack power, and health.

What is the most difficult crazy phase?

The Mad Titan and the Ax are the toughest of all.

Are crazy cats featureless?

About Mad Cats There are some drawbacks because Mad Cats can only reach level 20 at the beginning and require certain user ranks to be upgraded to level 30.

Who is the most expensive cat in Battle Cats?

Killer cat

Who is the slowest cat in Battle Cats?

Aside from the Iron Wall Cat, Freshman Cat Jobs is the slowest cat unit in the game, on par with Mighty Kristul Muu and Li’l Clops Cat Egg.

What is the rarest cat in Battle Cats?


Who is the most powerful enemy in the fight against cats?

Mega Cat

Who is the biggest cat in Battle Cats?

Zeus evolved

How good is Kasa Jizo?

Its range of 450 is good enough to outrange most enemies, which is further enhanced by its massive damage ability, which is very useful since some mid-game threats are Black or Angel. A level 50 moving castle has 150,000 HP and massive damage of 129,600.

Is Mitama good?

Mitama the Oracle is considered one of the best Ubers you can buy. With her resilience and slow action against enemies with traits, she makes almost all Legendary Stories child’s play.

How do you wake up Bahamut?

Becomes a Mad Bahamut Cat at level 10. Will become an Awakened Bahamut Cat after completing Chapter 3 in the future and reaching level 20 or higher.

How much damage does the powerful Lord Gao do?


Baby Gao 13,600 HP 6,800 Damage 2,217 DPS Strong against characteristic enemies (deals 1.5x damage; takes 1/2 damage). Mighty Lord Gao Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Knockback 64,600 HP 27,200 Damage 5,202 DPS 4 times

What is Uberfest?

Uberfest (超ネコ祭 Chō neko-sai, Ultra Cat Festival) is one of the gacha events in The Battle Cats. It was introduced in Ver. 3.6. 0. This event includes all Uber Rares from each shared pool and one exclusive character.

What is Superfest Battle Cats?

SUPERFEST is one of the few cat events in The Battle Cats. This gacha event was added in version 9.4. 0 and includes all Uber rare cats from each shared pool with a higher chance of getting them. The set also contains the exclusive characters from the UBERFEST and EPICFEST gachas.

What is the best event in Battle Cats?

Best gacha event

  • Ultra souls. 55.3%
  • Girls of the Galaxy. 10.6%
  • Dragon Emperor. 0.0%
  • All powerful. 21.3%
  • Other (comment) 12.8%

How can I overcome scarcity?

Super Rare Uber Cats (超激レア) are a type of cat unit that can be unlocked by playing the rare cat pod. When drawing a rare cat capsule, the player has a very small chance (5%) of receiving a cat that is too rare from the current set (pool). Typically, pools change every 2 to 4 days without following a regular schedule.

What is the best ultra rare cat in Battle Cats?

The best Uber set is probably the Ultra Souls. Kasa Jizo, The Grateful Crane, and Kachikachi are all extremely useful. Apart from that, the Almighty and the Nekolugas are very good translators.

What is a Platinum Battle Cats ticket?

The Platinum Capsule is a special type of Cat Capsule event with a 100% chance of getting an Uber Rare, as well as 100,000 XP and 100 Cat Food. To participate in this gacha, the player must have a platinum ticket, which is available by purchasing in real currency through a special sale for $7.99 or more.

How to get Togeluga?

Togeluga is a rare Uber cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat capsule during Tales of the Nekoluga, Superfest, Epicfest, Uberfest, and Wave Busters. True Form grants much higher health, faster attack rate, much more knockback, and strengthens at a much higher HP percentage.

Is Togeluga a girl or a boy?

-The sex of this cat is confirmed as male in its description, contrary to popular belief.

Who is the best Luga?

Best Luga?

  • Mr. ULTRAMAN. 14.3%
  • M. No stomach. 10.7%
  • Father’s long legs. 1.8%
  • Tattooed everywhere. 67.9%
  • Loooooooooooo long neck. 5.3%

Is Kubilan Pasalan good?

Evolved Form Kubilan Pasalan is good for protecting spammed units from a safe distance. Any area hit by the shockwave will remain safe for a short period of time.

Who is the strongest Nekoluga?

Shishilan Pasalan

How healthy is the head in Battle Cats?


The Face Health Attack Attack Power Range 99,999 HP 2,000 Damage (219 DPS) 340 (AoE Attack) Special Ability –

Are figure skaters good?

As a stronger but slower Paris Cat, this unit is best used in stacks to quickly ramp up DPS. They are very useful cats for almost any formation, essentially the super rare equivalent of Paris Cat.

How good is the jumping cat?

There are two things that define Vaulter Cat: Long Distance and Zombie Killer. She’s also the only good zombie dealer who isn’t Uber and has range and area attacks on her side, making her sub-ideal (due to her blind spot) but still a great killer of zombies, at least for a while.