Are the Great Khans evil?

Are the Great Khans evil?

They are a tribe of self-reliant raiders trying to survive in the desert. They aren’t necessarily evil like many other raiders you encounter, but their way of life conflicts with the other organized societies there.

Where does Benny go after you free him?

If the player character gets Benny into the presidential suite with him and lets him survive, he will go to The Tops lobby.

Should I kill Benny in his sleep?

If you have sex with Benny and then choose the option to kill him in your sleep, this will not be added to the “people killed” stats. During this quest, it is possible to steal Maria’s gun from Benny and kill him with it.

Can you steal Maria from Benny?

You can even steal Maria from Benny while he’s at the Topps Casino. You’ll need to use a Stealth Boy when you get close to him and with luck he won’t equip it. You can steal Maria.

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What if you killed all the NPCs in Fallout New Vegas?

If he is killed, he will simply respawn. This is because it is not really a specific Securitron, but rather a program (more like a virus) that can run on any Securitron, and if the one in which he currently lives is destroyed, he simply loads into a new body.

Can you find Joshua Graham for the honest of heart?

Finish. This section is transcluded from the endings of Honest Hearts. To modify them, please edit the transcluded page. After a long and troubled life, Joshua Graham finally found peace in Zion.

Is Joshua Graham a good person?

He has redeemed himself for his time in the Legion and actively fights the evils of the desert, so he is a good man.

What happens when worries leave Zion?

So you decide to stand with Daniel and evacuate the Sorrows from Zion – they keep their “innocence” but lose their home (although they have a new one), but Zion is reduced to a cesspool polluted by the white-legged cesspool, until they go there too.

Is Joshua Graham immortal?

Joshua Graham survived when he was burned alive and dumped next to the Hoover Dam. So far in the post-apocalypse world, levels of proof are a real thing as it exists canonically.

Can the BoS side with the Legion?

The BoS does not get along very well with other factions, and other factions see their particularly strict philosophy as a threat. It’s no surprise that most factions want them gone. But yeah, there is literally no way to complete the game with the Legion and still have the BoS.

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What if you let Benny go?

Benny can also be detached by the courier, after which he escapes from Caesar’s tent and disappears from the game. Spare Benny turns Caesar and his Praetorian Guard hostile, resulting in a very difficult battle.

What is the best ending in New Vegas?

House would be the best ending for Vegas itself, but NCR is the best ending for all of Mojave, despite its corruption and taxes. The Legion would rule with an iron fist and collapse upon Caesar’s death. In the independent ending, there wouldn’t be much stability in the Mojave.

What happens after New Vegas ends?

There will be no exploration after the game ends, and if you want to complete more side quests, you’ll have to go back to an old Zelda-style save. Or just start again. The reason is that the ending wants to give obsidian to the game, becoming stronger if the player cannot continue after that.

Should I finish New Vegas before the DLC?

Play the DLC before completing the game because once you complete the main story, it will be game over.