Before coming out as gay, Chris Appleton had two children with his former partner

Chris Appleton, the man behind Kim Kardashian West’s neon hair in 2018, has been working with hair since he was 13. His mother was his first muse and the driving force behind his career choice.

Unlike many people who are immediately aware of their sexuality, the celebrity hairstylist didn’t come to terms with his sexuality until later in life. After having two children with his then-partner Katie Katon, Appleton came out as gay at the age of 26.

Chris Appleton
Chris Appleton

Is Chris Appleton gay?

Appleton began his career as a hairdresser in a Leicester salon while still a teenager after finding solace in the industry. He worked at the salon for nearly a decade, during which time he fell in love with the owner, Katie Katon, whom he eventually married.

Chris Appleton and his wife had two children: Billy, a son, and Kitty-Blu, a daughter. Appleton discovered he was gay in 2009 after becoming a father. When the hairdresser accepted his sexuality and decided to go public, he was 26 years old. His wife Katon said in an interview with The New York Times that the period leading up to Appleton’s exit was “dark” for both of them.

Fast facts

First and last name Chris Appleton
date of birth June 14, 1983
Old 40 years
Size/What size?
N / A
Occupation Hairdresser
Father’s name N / A
Name of the mother N / A
Gender identity Happy
Is married? Yes
Is gay?
Net value 1 million dollars
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Even after all these years, Appleton and his wife exchanged style ideas and stayed in touch regularly, keeping each other updated on their work and their children. Katon also admitted to being his friend and helping him calm down when he was nervous about his upcoming performances.

“Some people know, but not me.”

When her client Kim Kardashian West reached out to Appleton during an interview with Gay Times, the “gifted hair transformations” shared insight into her decision to come out later in life and what it felt like for her. Midway through the interview, the beauty mogul asked why Appelton was so late.

The hairdresser responded modestly that, unlike many others, he did not immediately realize he was gay. Appleton explained that his decision to come out was delayed because it took him some time to understand and accept that he was gay, even after realizing he was late in life.

Chris Appleton wanted his children to know what he was going through

Besides her own struggles, Appleton expressed concern for her children in the same interview. Appleton told the outlet that it was crucial to him that his children were comfortable and understood his actions. So he proceeded with caution.

Appleton’s assessment was correct, considering the bond he shares with his children today. Appleton shared an adorable photo of himself celebrating the Christmas holiday with his children on Instagram on December 26, 2020.