Can Dogmeat die in Fallout 3?

Can Dogmeat die in Fallout 3?

The optional Fallout 3 Broken Steel expansion set (activated by selecting the “Pups!” perk after reaching the 22nd experience level) allows you to replace a killed Dogmeat with a new one (with double the hit points , this is a starting statistic). 1,000 instead of 500) if he dies during the game.

What is the weakest weapon in Fallout 3?

Chinese gun

How to get the alien blaster in Fallout 3?

The alien blaster is next to the body of a dead alien lying a few meters from its crashed spaceship. The alien crash site is directly north of the MDPL-13 power plant and northwest of the Greener Pastures disposal site. 120 alien power cells were also found at the crash site.

Are energy weapons good in Fallout 3?

Energy weapons do not have superior firepower. The plasma rifle is only slightly better in terms of damage than, say, a sniper rifle. Combat rifles always pack more punch, etc. The only difference with energy weapons is that they have slightly better accuracy, but generally cost significantly less AP to fire.

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How to get to Great Khan Camp without dying?

To reach the camp without going through the deathclaws in Quarry Junction, follow the dirt road right in front of the entrance to Vault 19. Sometimes there can also be a lot of deathclaws on the way.

Where is the great leader Khan?

Red Rock Gorge

How can I convince Papa Khan?

The only way around this is to convince Dad of the language option. Stealing Karl’s diary from his chest and then killing him will prevent you from using it as evidence against the Legion for Regis, making the book of slaves in Caesar’s tent the only viable evidence to use.

How do you start the Aba Daba honeymoon?

Quest Steps Find Jack and Diane’s missing drug mule. Return to Diane and tell her about Anders. Deliver medicine to Motor-Runner. Bring drugs to Don Hostetler at the Crimson Caravan Company.

Should I kill Motor Runner?

Motor-Runner is a critical NPC for the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest, and as such will immediately fail if killed. Also, if you decide to kill everyone in Vault 3 and then kill Motor-Runner for Hsu, you can always talk to him right before he kills him and give him Jack and Diane’s medicine.

What quest is Aba Daba Honeymoon?

Honeymoon Aba Daba

Red Rock Drug Lab Quest Data Location By Diane Reward First drop: Turbo Recipe or 250 Caps Second drop: 150 Caps Third drop: Khan Trick, 300 Caps Great Khan’s Glory

Where is the Great Khan’s outfit?

A set of this armor can be found on dead khans in the tribal village.

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Where is Chance’s grave?

Mojave Desert

How to get to Red Rock Drug Lab?

Head southeast but keep your eyes to the north and you should see a narrow passage in the cliffs. Follow it north and you’ll find the Red Rock Drug Lab, where two Khans – Jack and Diane – run the drug operations.

How to abandon Anders in Fallout New Vegas?

He cannot be taken down from the cross until the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest is active. If the quest is not active, the option to free him will not appear, causing Anders to beg the courier not to abandon him without another option.

Where are Jack and Diane in Fallout New Vegas?

Jack and Diane are nearby, so you might as well visit them first and take care of business with them. You are in a unique location north of Red Rock Canyon called Red Rock Drug Lab. You can easily walk there if you haven’t been there before.

Should you kill Papa Khan?

A) Selecting the Ghosts and Martyrs option with Dad at the end does NOT lead properly to For the Republic – the kamikaze option only seems to work with the Yes Man questline. If you select this option, your only option is to kill all the Khans to advance the NCR questline.

How to kill deathclaws in Fallout New Vegas?

Use plasma mines with energy skill 40-50 – 2 kill 1 deathclaw. A sniper comes in handy when they get too close. I tend to use the sniper rifle myself, but I rarely bother with hand loaded ammo. Back up as far as you can, taking your time for a headshot, then body shots as they get closer.

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How to kill deathclaw in quarry?

As you get closer, crouch until you are hidden, then start shooting. Shoot until you see Mother Deathclaw. Divert all your fire away from the Den Mother. He is the most powerful deathclaw and you must kill him as soon as you see him.