Does Dedue die in Blue Lions?

Does Dedue die in Blue Lions?

Dedue ultimately sacrificed himself in his outbreak and is believed to have died. If Dedue’s paralogue was not completed during the Academy Phase or if he was defeated during the Academy Phase, this is his fate.

What breed is Dedue?

Artwork by Dedue in Heroes. Survivor of the tribe that inhabited the Duscur region west of the sacred kingdom of Faerghus…. This side has been marked as a stub.

Gender Male Human Race Age 18 (Part I) 24 (Part II) Birthday 31st Green Rain Moon (August 31) Height 204 cm (~6’8″)

Who is the Immaculate?

The Immaculate is the class that Rhea uses when she appears as the final boss in the Silver Snow and Crimson Flower routes for Three Houses.

How good is Dedue when he returns?

User information: whiskey. Dedue will go straight to Ch 12 during the time jump and (as long as you’ve done the paralogue) he’ll start again at Ch 16.

Is Dedue a good fire emblem?

Dedue is really good at making himself a warmaster, but he increases the heavy armor a bit to reach weight-3. Allows him to wield some of the heaviest weapons without affecting his AS too much, ensuring that the chances of him not doubling are not doubled.

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How big is fe3h?

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Gender Male Height 175cm (~5’9″) Family Tiana (mother) King of Almyra (father) Duke Riegan (grandfather) Godfrey (uncle) Nationality Leicester/Almyran Noble starting class

What if you killed Claude Fire Emblem?

If Claude is spared, he turns to Byleth and Edelgard to explain to them that he is leaving Fódlan. When Claude is killed, Edelgard theorizes that he arranged the battle so that the Adrestia-Leicester War would end with minimal bloodshed, regardless of the outcome.

Is there a way to protect Edelgard?

Edelgard is essential. She would never allow it anyway.

You can’t kill Edelgard?

Edelgard can never be spared, but she doesn’t die along the way. Dimitri has a bad habit of dying in the time jump of every route except his own.

What happens if you don’t go to Enbarr with Edelgard?

User information: Sir_Awesome. No, there is no difference between 1 and 3. The only difference is that the option to be in the tomb with her is only available if you go to Enbarr with her.