Does Double Strike go through a blocker?

Does Double Strike go through a blocker?

Double Strike means the creature deals both first strike damage and normal combat damage. Whether it’s blocked or not. Note, however, that a creature blocked with a double strike deals no damage to the player even if the first strike kills the blocker (unless it has trample).

Does Trample pass if the creature dies?

Short answer. Yes, it tramples — any damage beyond fatality can be assigned to the player or planeswalker the trampling creature is attacking.

Can you stack Double Strike?

Re: Can you stack double strike? The answer is no. There are only two damage levels – one for the first hit and one for everything else. Double Strike can hit in both strides, but that’s it.

How does Double Strike work against multiple blockers?

  • First stage of combat damage. Your attacker deals a total of 4 damage to the first blocker. Enemy blockers do not deal damage.
  • The first blocker dies.
  • Second stage of combat damage. Your attacker deals 4 damage in total to others.
  • Your creature and the second blocker die at the same time.
  • How do Double Strike and Lifelink work?

    Lifelink means that damage dealt by this creature will also gain you that much life. Double strike means that the creature deals combat damage during the first strike damage phase and the normal damage phase.

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    Does Lifelink only do combat damage?

    The ability gains life whenever a source with lifelink deals damage, not just combat damage.

    Can creatures with summoning sickness block?

    1 answer. Yes, you can block with a creature affected by summoning disease. This is the general rule of “summoning evil”; I have highlighted the relevant parts in your case: 302.6.

    Does First Strike work on multiple blockers?

    Each blocker must block once. So the first 3/3 blocker deals slam damage first, then dies. Then the second blocker deals first strike damage and lives.