Is Dreamplay an SMP RPG?

Is Dreamplay an SMP RPG?

Note: Dream SMP events are extended role-playing games. These people are still friends IRL, so don’t treat the people who play them like the characters they play.

Is Hermitcraft 7 modified?

Hermitcraft, also spelled HermitCraft, is a whitelisted vanilla modded Minecraft server launched by Generikb in April 2012. They had a total of eight Minecraft worlds and are currently in their seventh vanilla season.

What is Hermitcraft 7 seed?


How old is iskall85?


Who is the favorite hermit?

All subscriber numbers are rounded down to 3 significant numbers… Main channels by subscriber number.

Channel subscriber rank 1st Mumbo Jumbo 7,370,000 2nd Grian 6,550,000 3rd Keralis 2,320,000 4th EthosLab 2,240,000

Who is the most subscribed hermit in 2020?

Hocus Pocus

Is GoodTimesWithScar dead?

In Season 7, GoodTimesWithScar became a wizard via the Infinity Portal (constructed in Season 6), which led him into the season. GoodTimesWithScar also dies quite often and sometimes loses most of his possessions.

Is Grian suitable for children?

Grian is a skilled Minecraft builder who includes easy-to-understand tutorials and makes games accessible and fun. He is super friendly and very child and family friendly. A popular new series he produced revisited and replayed every version of Minecraft over the centuries.

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What is Rendog’s real name?

Ren (born 11 October), better known as Rendog, also known as renthedog or renbob, is a South African gaming YouTuber who currently lives in England and is an active member of HermitCraft’s Minecraft server .

Is the rendog black?

Rendog, or Ren for short, is a South African-British gaming YouTuber and an active member of the Hermitcraft server. He is currently a full-time YouTuber.

Is Rendog Dutch?