Is Maul good for messing up?

Is Maul good for messing up?

However, particularly in The Clone Wars and later, Darth Maul is Chaotic Evil as he defies the orders of the Republic, the Sith, and the Jedi. Maul is a pure iconoclast, even if he founds his own orders like Death Watch, which obey his laws.

Is Darth Vader legally neutral?

Vader is Lawful Evil through and through. He obeys a hierarchy, is self-disciplined and controlled, has decades of training, obeys the orders of his emperor, and is a bad person.

What is legitimate evil?

Definition of Rightful Evil A righteously evil person methodically takes what he wants, within the confines of his code of conduct, no matter who he hurts. For him it is about tradition, loyalty and order, but not freedom, dignity or life. He respects the rules, but without pity or compassion.

Is Boba Fett really neutral?

Neutral – Boba Fett In a world of darkness and light, good and evil, Boba Fett is characterized by the fact that he has no morality other than the instinct of self-preservation. He will work for the empire. He will work for the Hutt Crime family.

Are the Sith legitimately evil?

Yes, the Sith as a collective are precisely evil as opposed to their sworn enemies, who are precisely good. Constantly seeking power and influence over others, the Sith almost always seek to rule the galaxy and impose their own desires on others.

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Is chaotic evil the worst?

The people you play with do messy and nasty wrongs. Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral are probably the worst. THEY are selfish and truly terrible characters. They tend not to go well with the party and really shouldn’t be tolerated at most gaming tables (unless you’re aiming for a nasty game).

Is neutral bad bad?

They don’t like it. Since a neutral evil character has no organized codes to follow and is evil, they will harm innocents, encounter weaker, unarmed enemies, and see nothing in the use of poison. A neutral evil character is an unpredictable and dangerous ally.

Is Loki neutrally evil?

Chaotic Neutral – Loki Part of being chaotic neutral is that you do everything you can do. No one in the MCU fits this description better than the God of Mischief. Loki has often sided with the bad guys in a movie, but it’s usually because he got something out of it.