Is Toon World a rare card?

Is Toon World a rare card?

About this article. A single card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectible Trading Card Game (TCG/CCG). This is super rare.

How to kill a toon monster?

If one or more Toon monsters you control are going to be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can banish 1 face-down card from the top of your Deck for each of those monsters instead. Add 1 Field Spell from your Deck to your hand.

Can you reincarnate a toon monster?

After being Special Summoned using this method, when sent to the Graveyard, they can be Special Summoned using “Reborn Monster”, even if you do not control a face-up “Toon World”.

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Is Toon Kingdom better than Toon World?

A powerful replacement for Toon World, this is a new field spell that counts as “Toon World” when active. And instead of paying Life Points like you would to activate the original Toon World, the new Toon Realm simply banishes the top 3 cards of your deck face down.

How much is the world of toons worth?

Description: This card is activated by paying 1000 of your Life Points. Want to become a pricing pro?

Regular market price $6.97

How much money is a Blue Eyes Toon Dragon worth?

This card can only be Summoned if Toon World is on the field. This card cannot attack in the same turn it is Summoned. Pay 500 Life Points every time this monster attacks… Do you want to become a pricing pro?

Normal market price $136.42

How much is a Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon worth?


Class Most Recent Price Average Price MINT 9 $1,525.00 $1,276.43 NM – MT $8,610.00 $771.07 NM $7,550.00 $550.00 EX – MT $6,360.00 360 $.00

What is the toon world doing in duel links?

The Welcome to the Toon World event from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, which allows duelists to duel with Pegasus to win his famous toon cards and have a chance to recruit the creator of Duel Monsters.

What pack is Toon World in? YU-GI-OH! – Toon World (DPBC-EN046) – Duelist Pack 16: Battle City – 1st edition – General: Toys and games. Only 8 left in stock, order quickly.

How does the world of Yugioh toons work?

When the “Toon World” is destroyed, all Toon monsters on the field are also destroyed. If it is sent to your graveyard or hand without being destroyed, the toons remain on the field and can attack your opponent’s Life Points (but class C toons can no longer attack directly).

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How do toon decks work?

A toon deck is based on the toon world of magic cards that allows you to use toon monsters. The goal of a toon deck is to bring down your opponent’s life total with direct attacks. Emergency Supplies isn’t the only one Toon World can protect; also Magic Reflector and Interdiction.

Are toon decks useful?

No one in their right mind expects Toons to be competitive. But many will appreciate the performance boost this legacy strategy received. As a Toon card that doesn’t require Normal Summoning or resources, Toon Harpie Lady is a welcome addition to the deck.

Does Toon Dark Magician count as a dark magician?

Toon Dark Magician is a level 7 Toon DARK Spellcaster with 2500 ATK and 2100 DEF. The stats here are just as good as Dark Magician, which is good. DARK is a great attribute, Spellcaster is an acceptable type. Being a toon brings a lot of benefits.

What do toon cards do?

Toon Cards are cards that can only be summoned when the Toon World is on the field. They can attack the opponent directly unless they control a Toon monster, but other than this effect they function like any other monster card. Some Toon cards include Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon and Toon Dark Magician.

How to summon a toon mermaid?

In order to Special Summon “Toon Mermaid”, no monsters are Tributed. To Special Summon “Toon Summoned Skull” and “Toon Dark Magician Girl”, you must Tribute 1 monster. To Special Summon “Manga Ryu-Ran” and “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon”, you must Tribute 2 monsters.

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Can I Summon a Toon Monster?

Since most Toon monsters of Level 5 and above cannot be Special Summoned unless “Toon World” is present on the field, you can Summon more than one Toon per turn, but Toon monsters of Level 5 and above cannot be Special Summoned unless “Toon World” is present on the field. 5 and above still require Tributes for their Level, they are still treated as Special Summon Monsters, so you can Tribute Tokens…

Can normal monsters attack toon monsters?

You can tribute any monster you control, Toon or anything else. Additionally, this is a Special Summon, so you still get your normal summon or regular set once per turn. Your opponent can attack your Toon monsters with their non-Toon monsters, and your Toons can attack their non-Toon monsters.

Is Toon Alligator a Toon Monster?

All Toon Monsters are “Toon” cards – including “Manga Ryu-Ran” as it has 「トゥーン」 in its Japanese name. “Toon Alligator” is the only monster in this archetype that is not also a Toon monster.

Can I summon Toon Gemini Elf without a toon world?

Toon Gemini Elf can be summoned/set up normally and does not require summoning from a toon world.

Can Toon Alligator attack directly?

Since toon monsters can attack directly, they don’t have to worry about opposing monsters.

Can you use Toon Dark Magician on Red Eyes Dark Dragon?

A: You can Special Summon a “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” with the effect of “The Eye of Timaeus”. However, since the materials for “Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon” are “Dark Magician” + “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” or 1 Dragon Effect Monster, you must target “Dark Magician” with the effect of “The Eye of Timaeus” .

How to summon Toon Dark Magician?

The text “You can Special Summon this card by controlling “Toon World”” from “Toon Mermaid”, “Manga Ryu-Ran”, “Toon Summoned Skull”, “Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon”, and “Toon Dark Magician Girl” is a procedure to Special Summon a Special Summoned Monster from your hand.

What set is Toon Dark Magician?


Build Number Set 2016-08-04 TDIL-EN032 The Dark Illusion 2017-08-24 MP17-EN083 2017 Mega-Tin Mega Pack 2020-05-15 SS04-ENB08 Speed ​​​​Duel Starter Decks: Match of the Millennium 2020-07 -02 LDS1-FR067 Legendary Duelists: Season 1

How old is the black mage?

13 years